11 Best Home Security Upgrades Available In 2021


Home Security Upgrades

With crime on a steady rise, being security conscious is not enough. There are crucial steps that need to be taken to ensure your home stays a haven for yourself and your family. This article presents some of the most relevant upgrades to home security systems that can make your home safer. It will do you good to read till the end.

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Home Security Upgrades For Your Consideration

  1. Video Doorbell
  2. Facial recognition camera
  3. Foolproof safe
  4. Remote monitoring
  5. Biometric digital door lock
  6. Smart alarm system
  7. Motion sensor lights
  8. Safe Room doors and door frames
  9. Laser security system
  10. Panic room
  11. Shatterproof windows

11 Home Security Upgrades To Make Your Home Safer

  1. Video Doorbell

There are many tips protecting the home from burglars but perhaps none as efficient as video doorbells. Many burglaries and break-ins are from the front door (about 34% percent). Having a video doorbell is a great way to deter burglars from attacking your home.

Video doorbells come with infrared cameras to capture intruders’ faces even at night. Additionally, you can remotely operate most video doorbells to alert you when an intruder tries to break into your home.

  1. Facial Recognition Camera

Most burglars will investigate your house before deciding to break into it. Burglars will move to a new neighborhood and spy on each house to know which one is a prime target. This means they will closely look at the home to determine the risk-to-reward ratio. This makes having a facial recognition camera of great value in investigating burglary cases. Facial recognition cameras capture and identify the faces of different people who come around your house and save them to be accessed remotely.

  1. Foolproof Safe

Foolproof safes are essential to keep your valuables away from burglars. They work because they are hard to break into and keep your valuables out of sight, so burglars are discouraged from breaking into your house. These days, foolproof safes can connect with home alarm systems so that they shut off automatically as your alarm goes off.

  1. Remote Monitoring

It is vital to go for security hardware that comes with remote monitoring. This is because, with remote monitoring, you can monitor your home security situation in real time through your mobile phone and ensure your property’s safety. Therefore, remote monitoring is an excellent upgrade if you plan to secure your home on vacation.

  1. Biometric Digital Door Lock

Biometric authentications are great for securing your home. This is because your biometric measurements are unique to you. As such, you can access a biometric digital door lock only by you and anyone else you allow into your security system.

  1. Smart Alarm System

A smart alarm system connects all the components of your alarm system to your home WiFi. They are easier to manage, cost less, and are controlled remotely.

  1. Motion Sensor Lights

These lights come to their own when they sense motion. They come with sensors that react to heat, and they come on automatically when they sense an intruder, thus spooking people loitering and deterring criminals from breaking into your home.

  1. Safe Room Doors And Door Frames

These doors are much safer than regular doors. They come with reinforced frames, locks, hinges, and frames. Additionally, they are programmed to shut off instantly if the alarm system goes off. Also, you can remotely control some to block off areas of your house or shut down the whole house.

  1. Laser Security System

A laser security system uses lasers to form a sensor alarm circuit to protect your home. Laser security systems use laser beams directed toward a detector using mirrors. If these beams are interrupted on their way to the sensor, they set off an alarm.

When a laser security system is triggered, it may react by sounding a loud buzzing noise, calling emergency services, alerting the owner of the house, or by activating other security hardware such as lights or doors.

  1. Panic Room

Panic rooms are fortified rooms that provide a safe shelter for the inhabitants of a house if there is an emergency like a break-in, a home invasion, a tornado, or a terror attack. They are usually built with upgraded safety components such as bulletproof doors and windows, security cameras, alarm systems, landline telephones, etc.

  1. Shatterproof Windows

These types of windows are bulletproof and do not break easily. This is a significant security upgrade because in 20% of all burglary cases, burglars gain access to target houses through broken windows. A good number of these security hardware are advanced, and it is vital to research home security installation tips before attempting to install them. Better yet, recruit the help of a professional.

In conclusion

Upgrades are nonstop as manufacturers of these security components try to stay up to date with the different threats being a member of society poses. Therefore, it becomes important that you -as a homeowner- take conscious steps to stay in the know.

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