11 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Retirement Home


Everyone gets old and faces the drudgery of weak bones and health fluctuations, but aging should not make a living in a new home hard! With a stable market predicted for 2018, it’s the perfect time to buy and customize your new home. From cordless phones to walk-in bathtubs, anything that can provide comfort and bestow you with a soothing experience is worth the investment.

Here are 11 amazing tricks and products to ensure your new home is pensioner friendly:

  1. Install An In-Home Monitoring Service For Better Care

Install an In-Home Monitoring Service for Better Care

Never worry about leaving a loved one alone at home again. By combining your burglar alarm with an in-home monitoring service, you will ensure the safety and security of a senior left alone. Companies such as Beclose.com can provide systems for as cheap as $400.

  1. Avoid Accidental Slipping

Avoid Accidental Slipping

According to the CDC, 2.8 million older people are hospitalized each year due to falls. Falling is the most significant threat to brittle bones. The good news is that making your home dramatically safer is inexpensive. For less than $30, you can safeguard against fatal falls with top-quality stair treads.

  1. Disability Ramps For Ease of Movement

Disability Ramps for Ease of Movement

Let’s face it; many of us will need wheelchairs as we age. Many people struggle to create a wheelchair-friendly lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Investing in a wheelchair ramp is the safest option. Disability ramps range from $1400 to $2000, and luckily there is plenty of information online on how to install them. Moreover, participants of disability insurances can have these expenses reimbursed using their allowance like the NDIS funds in Australia.

  1. Wireless Phones For Quick Calls

Wireless Phones for Quick Calls

The wireless revolution has swept over the modern house, so it’s important to keep your new home up to date! Cordless phones are inexpensive, convenient, portable, and more practical than cord-bound telephones. They reduce the travel time of trek from one room to another, thus making a home safer. Swing by Target, Walmart, or Best Buy to grab a set of wireless phones for less than $30.

  1. Increase Visibility With Modern Lighting

Increase Visibility with Modern Lighting

There’s a false notion that motion-sensor lighting is expensive or inaccessible. For less than $15, you can significantly increase visibility in your home and thus increase safety. If you’re someone who plans on living with pets, this is an absolute must so that you don’t trip over your furry companion.

  1. Pensioner Friendly Appliances For Ease of Life

Pensioner Friendly Appliances For Ease of Life

Cooking shouldn’t be a hazard. Electric appliances are the key to ensuring a new home is pensioner-friendly. While propane stoves can lead to dangerous fires, electric ones are designed with safety in mind. Before moving in, make sure that all ovens, stoves, and grills are electric.

  1. Switch From Door Knobs To Lever Handles

Switch from Door Knobs to Lever Handles

It may seem insignificant, but this is a significant change. Round doorknobs can exacerbate arthritis and are more difficult to open than lever handles. Lever handles are less than $3 and will instantly improve the quality of life.

  1. Install Grab Bars In Bathrooms

Install Grab Bars In Bathrooms

As people get older, their bodies become unsteady, and it becomes increasingly difficult to stand for long periods. Installing a grab bar in the shower and bathroom will assist your loved one on a day-to-day basis. Grab bars range from $20 to $40 and are available at your local home improvement stores.

  1. Remote Controlled Blinds For Smart Homes

Remote Controlled Blinds For Smart Homes

Smart homes are moving from the realm of luxury to a standard. Giving your loved one access to voice-activated or remote-controlled blinds will mitigate the risks of falling and improve their quality of life. For less than $600, you can ensure the safety of your loved ones with voice-controlled blinds.

  1. Install a Walk-in Tub for Comfort

Install a Walk-in Tub for Comfort

Walk-in bathtubs are specifically designed for the elderly. By not having to climb over anything, the walk-in bathtub reduces the risks of slips and falls. While before, you would reserve it as a luxury item, today, a walk-in bathtub is more accessible and easy to install than ever.

  1. Grip Down Rugs, Mats, and Carpets

Grip Down Rugs, Mats, and Carpets

Can you ever think of a time in your life where you stumbled on a rug because its edges were curled up? This one isn’t just for the elderly but for anyone that has a carpet. Increase your new home’s safety in seconds by installing grips. Amazon will deliver rug grips to your new home for less than $15.

While individually, each change might seem insignificant, compare a home that has these 11 safety features versus one that doesn’t. The synergy between these 11 tricks will create a pensioner-friendly paradise home by ensuring their safety and comfort.

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