11 Tips To Making Your Bedroom Look Expensive


Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Make your bedroom look expensive, declutter the place, upgrade old furniture, lampshades, nightstands, use rugs, pillows, and place artworks. 

Have you ever wondered why luxurious hotel rooms give you the best night’s sleep? It’s because of the clutter-free ambiance, fine sheets & well-curated rooms. However, you can also turn your bedroom into a luxurious one without making much fuss.

You don’t need to splash tons of money to make your bedroom look luxurious. A couple of strategic plannings can pave the way to get an aesthetic luxury room. That said, before deciding to spend a hefty amount on a designer dresser, consider making few changes. You need to prioritize the little details and changes to implement and enhance the look of your bedroom.

The below-mentioned points can help you decide what steps to take to make your bedroom look expensive.

  1. Replace Old Furniture

Furniture in the room plays a vital role in setting up the tone of your bedroom. If you have decade-old furniture, which is way past its heyday, you need to replace them. You can either buy brand-new ones or update the existing ones. The latter is cheaper than the first ones.

You don’t have to spend a lot on upgrading. Just some mere changes & you are good to go. For instance, changing the doorknobs from traditional to copper or crystal ones will impart an aesthetic look.

Also, choose attractive lampshades & nightstands to give a luxurious look.

  1. Decorate The Place With Pillows

Piling up on pillows imparts a decadent feeling. That said, you need to put pillows, which are not the regular ones.

You should put the regular ones next to the head of your bed. After that, decorate the bed with designer pillows. Try using quilted shams to decorate the pillows even more. Keep in mind that the number of pillows should take only one-third space of the bed.

  1. Use Long Drapes

Drapes or curtains are another crucial elements to an elegant bedroom. That said, you need to be precise while selecting the curtains. Always try to hang the curtains higher than usual.

Thus, your room will get a loftier feeling & your windows will look bigger. Choosing the rods for the drapes is also pivotal. Cheap-looking rods can give a poor look, even though you have excellent curtains. That said, do a little research to find the best rod sizes that suit your room & window.

  1. Update The Nightstand

Nightstands serve more practical purposes than aesthetic appeal. But an elegant little touch can change the overall ambiance of your room. First, remove all the unnecessary objects from the night tables.

Keep them in the drawer if you have to. Only keep a lampshade, a book, or a flower vase to give a great look. After decluttering, upgrade your nightstand to a reflective one like brass or crystal. You can also choose shagreen or mirror types for luxury finishes.

  1. Aesthetic Mirror Placement

Plain mirror lost its appeal a long time ago. So, if you are still using those plain mirrors, remove them immediately. Choosing mirrors that complement the ambiance of the room is crucial. Also, you have to place them in the right spot.

You can go for the full-sized oval or rectangular-shaped mirrors. Also, you can place mirrors on both sides of the nightstands. Antique-style brass mirrors can be a great choice. As mirrors can be expensive, be precise while searching for a second-hand one.

  1. No Compromise With Rugs

Rugs can make your bedroom feel comfy and cozy. Also, they add aesthetic texture to the aura of the room. Persian rugs are still classic as they impart timeless heritage.

 While choosing rugs, you can go for a decent-sized rectangular one that covers your bed or go large to cover the whole room.

  1. Elegant Lighting

Although lighting is entirely your choice, it’s high time you changed the boob lights. Using trendy lights is the best way to highlight the setting.

For example, you can add a unique lamp, drum-shaped pendant, or a chandelier. Also, use dimming lights to offer a more luxurious look.

  1. Dark Paint On Walls

How you paint, your wall plays a significant role in setting up the tone of your room. While most people paint their bedroom walls with light, pale shades, you can try a darker tone like dark blue.

It will impart a rich & aesthetic appeal to your room. However, if you are hesitant, paint only a portion of the wall. If you love the color, go for the rest of the walls.

  1. Remove The Clutter

Unnecessary items in the bedroom make it look uncomfortable. That’s why you need to know the difference between good & bad clutter. Good clutters are nightstands, books, magazines, a tray of objects, etc.

Bad clutters are unopened mails, papers, dirty cloths, unopened or opened packets, etc. So, declutter such unnecessary items.

  1. Upgrade The Lampshades

Just a slight upgrade to lampshades can bring out an expensive look to your bedroom. The ready-made lampshades are way too conventional. Choose something that contains rich-hued shade.

Metallic accents or a pleasing pattern shade can look amazing. However, don’t exaggerate; keep the classic look intact while upgrading your lampshades.

  1. Place Artworks intelligently

Artworks are for people to see. These artworks increase the value & taste of a house. That said, you don’t necessarily have to place all the paintings in the living-room. Instead, it would be best if you try redistributing these artworks.

Placing these in your bedroom can also impart an expensive look. You can hang them from the wall or place them on the nightstands or armoire.

Abstract artworks can also be an excellent option to make your bedroom look expensive. However, while placing or hanging them in the room, place importance on the size.

Larger pictures attract people more & overall impart an aesthetic ambiance. While placing, prioritize hanging them over the bed for the best view. These small little designs and changes can certainly enhance the look of your bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Spending a fortune on designs or furniture doesn’t guarantee sophistication. What you should do is pay attention to the little details that complement your bedroom. These quick tips can help you in selecting the best way to make your bedroom look expensive.

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