12 Cozy Small Living Room Decor Trends


Small Living Room Decor

Décor trends tend to change now and then. And if you want to keep up-to-date with the changes, this article is perfect for you. These cozy small living room décor trends will help you transform your compact space into a stylish and modern space.

From folding coffee tables to simple storage solutions to elegant lighting, there is something for different décor tastes. Take inspiration from our beautiful gallery and transform your compact space.

  1. Go For A Folding Coffee Table

Folding Coffee Table

Interior décor experts Home Décor Advisor states that the rule of thumb for small spaces is not to cram lots of furniture into the room. It will look cluttered. So, instead of the traditional coffee table, we recommend you opt for a folding coffee table. This modern design allows you to fold the table and place it against the wall when you don’t need to use it.

Depending on your style, you can opt for a rustic table or metallic table to add industrial charm to the room.

  1. Look To Bring The Outdoors To Your Space

Bring The Outdoors To Your Space

If you have a door that leads to your garden, use it to your advantage. Ensure you arrange your furniture in a way to have a seamless transition between your living room and patio space. The interior designer of this beautiful living room has ensured the sofa faces away from the backyard, giving the room a beautiful backdrop.

Also, this adjoining outdoor space gives this small living room an airy feel. Plus, the two floral vases on rustic side tables complete the look and feel.

  1. Wall Décor Ideas

Wall Décor Ideas

One of the oldest tricks in styling small living rooms is ensuring you hang something on your walls that will distract your guests. Inspired by this idea, the designer of this cozy small living room has hung five paintings of different sizes with water as her main theme. These paintings are intriguing, drawing attention from the living space to the walls. Also, they complement the throw pillows and gorgeous accent chairs. A few geometric décor accessories on the coffee table are a brilliant addition.

  1. Create Space For Your Home Office

Home Office

With recent happenings, most of us have opted to work from home. And, if you have a small house, you may have a hard time figuring where to place your desk. If you’ve mounted your tv, place a desk under it. A yellow accent chair with splayed legs complements the cozy sofa and stunning yellow curtains. A perfect way to make your space practical and beautiful.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Keep Things Simple

Try keeping things as simple as possible. This space is small, and the designer has had to marry three rooms together; kitchen, dining room, and living room. A single sofa, three-chair dining, and stylish white kitchen make up the entirety of this cozy small space. Luckily, this living room has high ceilings, which give it the illusion of a larger space. Long curtains also add the illusion of a longer, larger room.

  1. Embrace Light Colors

Light Colors

Dark colors are beautiful, but according to expert interior designers, they are not ideal for small rooms. Pale colors will make your room appear larger and brighter. White floors, window treatment, ceiling, and walls make this room feel cozy and spacious. Add a cream sofa and light blue chair to complete this setup. Go for throw pillows of different colors to add some cheer to the space.

  1. Opt For Corner Sofas

Corner Sofas

In a compact space, you want to make use of your corners. So instead of the traditional sofa design, opt for a more modern corner sofa design. An l-shaped sofa is larger, sitting more people, and also utilizes the empty corners. Gorgeous blue and white pillows ensure the sofa is comfortable while giving your space a Moroccan vibe and feel.

  1. Simple Storage Ideas

Simple Storage

With a compact space, you may have an issue with storage. But, take inspiration from this room. A small teal storage cabinet provides enough space for a few items, and its top is the perfect place for a few framed photos.

  1. Unique Lights To Add Warmth To Your Space

Unique Lights

Lighting also plays a significant role in a room’s appearance and feel. Instead of recessed lighting, go for a long hanging pendant to illuminate your space. If you’ve got kids around, opt for long floor lamps.

  1. Corner Shelves For Your Souvenirs

Corner Shelves

Have a lot of souvenirs from your vacations or photos, have a shelf built-in to the corner of the room. The white corner shelf in this small living room complements the white sofa and coffee table while providing enough space for the designer’s collectibles. Love the large gold mirror.

  1. Add Mirrors

Add Mirrors

Speaking of mirrors, interior designers recommend them as part of a cozy small living room décor because they reflect light around the room, giving the illusion of a larger room. And, instead of going for traditional shapes, how about you try new designs to add intrigue to the space.

  1. Use Two Toned Living Room Walls Ideas

Living Room Walls

One of the best ways to make a statement is by creating a bold space. And instead of going with the standard two-color choice, the designer chose multiple colors to show off her sense of style. Classic white covers most of the walls and a bold navy for the front wall to breathe life into this small living room. A dark brown wall with floating shelf compliments the door and perfectly adds a rustic country feel to this compact space.

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