12 Smart Childproofing Hacks


Kids will always be prone to danger, and that’s true. Small children are in an exploratory stage of their lives so that they would be still run into trouble. The worst part is that they are defenseless against the things that may befall them. So, being a parent, it’s our responsibility to keep them safe from and save from danger. According to the survey, about 2.3 million children are injured every year due to accidents. Of course, you wouldn’t want your kids to belong to any of those brackets, so create an environment where they can play without being vulnerable to any form of trouble.

Here we have conducted 12 smart tips to make your home childproof.

Childproofing a home isn’t an easy task; it can drain you financially and emotionally. To make your home safer places for your children, follow these home interior hacks for your kid’s safety and hygiene.

  1. Keep The Floor Clear

Keep The Floor Clear

Every home has a different story, so no one rule applies to all. Ultimately, it is you who can decide how to childproof your condo or house effectively. You have to take care of everything from a baby’s or toddler’s perspective. Ask yourself, if I could crawl or toddler, what could I play? The answer usually lies on the I would like to roam on a floor, do beads, play with coins and marbles, candy wrappers, paper clips, and other small objects, which are all hazards to babies. We all know they love to put things in their mouth, no matter what the situation is. That’s why it’s essential to keep the floor clear.

  1. Store Away Things That Can Harm Babies

Store Away Things That Can Harm Babies

Danger things like medicines, knife, pins, stapler, scissors must be kept in a safe place where babies cannot reach easily. The infant likes to run around a lot, and the things they will find in their way will pique their interest. They’ll grab bread knives, medications, bug sprays, or even house plants and soil are attractive to them. They will surely mess with those. Tuck away everything that your kids shouldn’t touch.

  1. Cover Unused Outlets With A Tap Or Wrap Them

Cover Unused Outlets With A Tap Or Wrap Them

We need certain appliances which cannot just put away. You need certain home accessories like the fridge or microwave. You can’t deny that the cords and outlets are the primary concern for the kids’ safety. Cover all electrical outlets with safety caps and make sure that the little one doesn’t go in harm’s way. If you are unable to protect the outlet, you can use regular tape or a band-aid to cover them instead.

  1. Seal The Door Knobs With A Container

Seal The Door Knobs With A Container

Kids tend to aim higher grow older, as they grow. Before you come to know that your child is going to open doors and going places where they should not suppose to go alone as they can be a lock in the restroom or any other room but don’t know how to open the door, there isn’t a problem if your doors are bolted, but when you have traditional doorknobs, you should take childproofing up a notch. One of the intelligent DIY childproof hacks is to keep your kids away from wandering to place a container over the doorknob. You can use the door, but your kids won’t be.

  1. Ensure That Your Furniture Won’t Tip Over

Ensure That Your Furniture Won’t Tip Over

Try to keep away heavy bookcases, dressers, and appliances if you can. Suppose you cannot at least make sure that they do not harm your kids. You bolt the fix them into the furniture and other things like that for safely to the wall so that your little ones can’t pull them down; however they try. As for the shelves and drawers, put heavy objects on the bottom part to keep them less top-heavy.

  1. Cover Crib Rails With Old Swaddling Blankets

Cover Crib Rails

When you have a little kid in the house, the crib is usually the one thing you need to a lookout. Growing babies like gnawing at things, crib rails included. It means they can ingest stuff like wood or the paint color if you let them chew on the crib rails. To keep them away from bruising their gums, breaking their teeth and nibbling on their crib, place a soft scarf or blanket or cover with old swaddling blanket, around the crib top. It will save you money since you wouldn’t have to spend anything.

  1. Set The Furniture Away From The Windows

Set The Furniture Away From The Windows

Windows are never a kid’s friends. Never place the crib near a window, and your child will be at the risk of climbing up and falling. That is if the child is not already entangled with the cords and tassels. Don’t put the sofa near a low window as you expose your tot to the same danger. Make the home smart home and have safety lock windows. So you have to arrange your furniture in such a way that your kids can’t reach the windows.

  1. Non-Slip Baby Socks

Non-Slip Baby Socks

Your tot will be waddling around sooner or later, so invest on non-slip socks now. Uneven floors are not ideal since kids can get bruised when they fall down or extremely smooth flooring is not a smart idea. Opt for a middle texture that is neither too rough nor too smooth to double-protect your kids, buy their socks non-slip, or decorate them with creative fabric paint designs intend to make non-sleeper.

  1. Wash The Toys Regularly

Wash The Toys Regularly

Hygiene is an essential thing in kids growing age. Whatever they get to play, they are keen to have in the mouth. Sometimes, the real source of your little ones’ entertainment can also be the cause of ill health. Toys naturally get dirty, so clean up the toys regularly. Physical harm is not the only thing you should prepare for your kids’ health, too; it’s also something that you should overlook.

  1. Secure Bookcases With Bicycle Tubes

Secure Bookcases With Bicycle Tubes

If you have a library in your home better keep an eye on, it lets your children bury themselves under a pile of books. Infants are always inclined to make a mess. They can pull a book out and bring the entire library down, so as part of your DIY condo-childproofing project, take the bicycle tubes and use them as a horizontal stopper to prevent your kids from pulling the books out or any disaster.

  1. Craft A DIY Door Guard With Pool Noodles

DIY Door Guard With Pool Noodles

Your children will eventually grow enough that you have to allow them to open or shut the doors, but still not mature enough that they can keep their fingers away from being mashed when a door closes. For the safer side, place a door guard on that part of the door that your kids can reach. Use pool noodles or make a DIY door stopper that will keep your kids safe while opening or closing of doors.

  1. Use Rubber Bands To Keep Cabinets Shut

Use Rubber Bands To Keep Cabinets Shut

Sometimes, toddlers unintentionally trap themselves inside cabinets or to take things from the offices that can cause them harm. That is why you should keep all the cabinets shut all the time. Rubber bands will help you to hold the handles together. You can even use hair ties to keep the cabinets open. Just lock up every place where your kid can get into when you’re unable to attend him.


When it comes to making sure that your children are secure, you should always be two steps ahead. All these tips will keep your kids safe if you apply them properly. Still, the best way to protect your kids from all forms of danger isn’t something that relies heavily on how childproof your home is. Instead, supervision is the best thing to keep your kids safe.

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