12 Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Air Mattress


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Have you ever experienced waking up with little red patches on your skin in the morning? It becomes worse when you recall that you have not slept well that night.

Chances are you have tiny tenants in your precious haven that have been living off your body. These minute bugs are practically found in an area where people tend to gather together. Places like offices, schools, public transportation, homes, and even your favorite sofa could be hosting one such pest.

A little knowledge of how these insects get into certain places could help you find ways and means to get rid of them. If you’re wondering how they’d ever get into your home in the first place, here are facts that you could find helpful.

Bed bugs are good at hitchhiking. They could quickly get into your bag, shoes, or stick to your pants just right after you probably sat down in public transportation. When you arrive home and sit on your sofa to savor that moment of rest, these bugs creep into crevices and in those little cracks where they can hide and rest while waiting for the opportunity to get their meal from their warm-blooded host.

While they don’t transmit certain diseases, their bites could get itchy, and scratching them could lead to infection.

As such, you might want to take these extra tips to keep these nocturnal insects from depriving you of your precious time of rest.

  1. Determine Which Areas Are Most Likely Infested And How Far The Infestation Has Gone

Identifying the extent of the area affected would allow you to see possible strategies you can employ to eradicate their presence.

  1. Vacuum The Things And Areas Which Are Most Likely Their Favourite Hangouts

Are you Going On A Trip? Follow this step so that when you return, you haven’t brought back unwelcomed guests.

  1. Make Sure You Keep Soiled Clothes In The Laundry Room

If there are bed bugs in the clothes you just used, make sure they won’t get into your bed. Put your dirty clothes in a basket away from the bed.

  1. Don’t Buy Second-Hand Mattresses

Second-hand ones are most likely prone to infestations of these insects. If you’re unfortunate enough to buy one, get rid of the bugs will be a challenge that you cannot overcome overnight.

  1. Check The Areas Where Your Warm-Blooded Furry Friends Rest

The favorite meals of bed bugs always come from their warm-blooded hosts, so never miss out on cleaning your favorite spaces.

  1. For Prevention, Keep Large Plastic Trash Bags, Handy, When You’re Travelling

This way, these creatures won’t get the chance to stick to your suitcase.

  1. Choose The Safest Chemicals When Shopping For Pesticides

Keep ones which are known to be the “lesser evil.” This is if you want to have something that you can use right away when there’s a need. Rubbing alcohol may also be an effective solution to kill bed bugs.

  1. Make Use Of Plastic Wraps

Contrary to the use of large trash bags, which are suggested for prevention, this one is recommended to put them away. This procedure might take some time to complete because you will have to wrap the infested mattress to starve the bugs and allow them to die slowly. It would take you a couple of weeks to get rid of them.

  1. Go The Natural Way

If you are health conscious and have apprehensions about using pesticides, you can use diatomaceous earth. This white powdery substance would dehydrate these insects and cut their food supply. Another one is the use of essential oils. This would not only kill them in certain instances; it would also keep them from coming back into your mattress in the same way that repellents would.

Tea tree oil is another natural solution you could use for bed bug control, but it acts as more of a deterrent than an elimination method. You can create a diluted tea tree oil spray by mixing ten drops of essential oil with water in a medium-sized bottle, then spray the solution on areas you want to discourage the bed bugs from entering, such as the foot of the bed and the clothing cabinets.

  1. Use Steam

This is a straightforward procedure for getting rid of bed bugs. When areas of the air bed are hit by steam, the steam will reach a certain depth through the mattress, allowing you to get through those which you cannot see.

  1. Make Sure You Don’t Just Get Rid Of These Insects But Also Kill Them

After you get rid of these insects, make sure to follow through by exterminating the remaining eggs. This would prevent re-infestation.

  1. Do Regular Checks And Cleaning

Regularly check your home and air bed to spot the possible presence of bed bugs. You can do this by periodically cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, including your air bed.

A more practical way of getting rid of bed bugs is to buy an air mattress which does not attract these pests into your home. OutbaxCamping always has one for you. Log onto outbaxcamping.com.au and look at the best options available. If you’re planning to purchase an air mattress that would not compromise your safety, think only of OutbaxCamping!

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