14 Interior Designs To Watch In 2021


Interior Designs For 2021

After the hectic year of 2020, many people have realized the importance of creating and keeping a healthy and welcoming home. People now appreciate, more than ever, the uniqueness and value of their homes because they spent so much time in them during the last year.

This has also led to many people wanting to update their interiors to new trends to create more sustainable and efficient living spaces. Recreating your home can be as simple as new paint, a new chair, and an updated kitchen.

Color Palette Trends

Tropical Vibes

Still can’t travel or take that previously planned vacation? Remake your home to resemble those distant shores. Many interior designers are recommending blue, yellow, and green colors for redoing your rooms.

A great floral design can also give your place a tropical feel. Plants and succulents are perfect for feeling like you are outside, even when you have to stay indoors.

Earthy Hues

Wanting to connect with nature but are stuck inside working? Creating an atmosphere with earthy tones can take some of this desire away. The perfect colors to make your home feel more earthy are deep clay reds, dark greens, luscious brown tones, and rustic palettes. Try switching out your pillows to new colors or changing your bedside decorations.

Global Awareness Themes

Travel photos or cultural artifacts can make your home feel exotic. Try incorporating some large paintings of wildlife or outdoor scenes. A simple side table with a few wooden figurines can also bring some cultural awareness to your home.

Use colors such as deep green, beige, and navy blue to give your home an African safari feeling. Black and white photographs also make the room more neutral and give it a lighter feeling.

Grey Interiors

One of the most popular trends on the rise is making the inside of your home a neutral grey color. This allows any bright color additions to your home to be noticeable and highly regarded.

A simple grey background can make your rooms look modern and effortlessly chic. Just add a splash of hot pink or another neutral such as blush pink, and your room is complete.

Ocean Shades

When you think of the ocean, colors like light blue, sandy brown, and white probably come to mind. The beach theme for homes is coming back in 2021, and it is easy to succeed with this simple theme.

Incorporate seashells in a nice bowl and sky-blue pillows for decoration in your living room. Wooden furniture and light brown chairs also give the living room a beach feeling.

Kitchen Trends

Quartz Countertops

Many contractors and home remodelers are seeing a high increase in people switching to quartz countertops. They are elegant and classy, giving your kitchen a fresh feeling. They are also extremely easy to clean and look new even years after first installing.

They also increase your home value, and their durability makes them a great investment.

Waterfall Countertops

After getting the highly coveted quartz countertops, getting matching waterfall countertops will make your kitchen look even chicer. A waterfall countertop is exactly how it sounds; the counter flows beyond the top of the surface and down to the floor: no older-looking or scratched cabinets.

Caesarstone has some amazing unique waterfall countertops and can help you every step of the way, from choosing the best look to the installation.

Kitchen Islands

Well, this is a given; when will kitchen islands not be popular? They allow extra storage and cooking space making them ideal for any kitchen.

However, multilevel islands are all the craze this year. More and more people are opting to have different heights installed on their islands to make room for people to sit, as well as more options for prep space.

Energy-Efficient Features

Monitoring how much electricity we use and trying to reduce our carbon footprints has become a main focus throughout the last year. In turn, people opt for features in their home that optimize energy efficiency, the number one room being the kitchen.

New kitchen windows with special glass and paneling can dramatically increase your energy savings, as well as give you a better view of your backyard and neighborhood.

Solid, Shiny Cabinets

Wooden and painted cabinets are a thing of the past. The new cabinet trends are shiny and smooth, with no or minimal hardware on them.

This automatically makes your kitchen appear cleaner and more expensive. A pop of solid color also makes your kitchen blend seamlessly together.

Add A Backsplash

Backsplashes used to be considered outdated or only something found in older homes. That is quickly changing. New designs for backsplashes include using marble or metal.

A solid or simply patterned backsplash can make your kitchen look more luxurious and give it a flair of drama.

Trends In The Bedrooms


Adding a colorful or patterned headboard is an easy way to make your room feel brand new with just one simple change. If you are looking to change more, you could also pick new bedding or add some pillows to your sleeping space.

Reading Spaces

A large cushioned chair and a warm lamp can make a corner of your room perfect for reading. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and new book. This is a great way to encourage yourself and other household members to put away the electronics before bed and take some quiet time to read and reflect on the day.

Personalizing Workspace

As we embrace 2021, many of us are continuing to work from home. It is better to work in a personalized and cozy office space than at the kitchen table or kitchen counter.

Creating a workspace can be done relatively cheaply by adding a new desk, floor lamp, soft rug, and bookshelf to your space. Invest in a comfortable chair that matches your room and encourages you to get your work done.

Interior design trends in 2021 inhabit almost every room of the house, so pick a trend and get started today.

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