30th Apr

Four Veggies For The Kitchen Garden

Cultivating a kitchen garden allows you to get some cheaper vegetables, but moreover, you get to have fresh veggies, which are healthy produce for your diet. If planning to grow veggies be your terrace or in the balcony here are some easy to grow vegetables and herbs in your garden:

29th Apr

Tips To Organize Your Dresser

We will tell you something that we always have our focus on organizing our closet, which are vital storage areas to keep clean and arranged for easy dressing, but the dressers are very important too. You need to take everything out of the drawers and then refold them. It will help you to keep home organized. Here some tips for you to get the dresser drawers to clutter-free.

28th Apr
Om Recitation

Create an Amazing Blend of Vastu and Om Recitation !

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that hands out a set of rules which allows the positive cosmic energies to lie in a fashion that harmonizes our existence with the natural surroundings. In countries like China and India, this science plays an essential role while planning the architectural layout of any house or apartment.

26th Apr

How to Keep Houseplants Healthy?

Plants are simple to take care of as they have few basic needs. Keeping the plants in the home as easy as it has benefits, adds beauty to the interior of the house. People think that indoor plants don’t need light. But the fact is indoor plants need light too. Place the plants where they can get enough light. Here are some tips as to how you can keep house plants healthy:

25th Apr

Tips to Improve Your Home the Simple Way

When it comes to our homes, most of us are keen to make improvements that will make it more practical, aesthetically appealing or comfortable. However, in the current financial climate many people don’t have the financial means to make their aspirations come true due to the exorbitant costs. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a […]

24th Apr
Décor Your Passages

Décor Your Passages

You don’t have to spend huge on décor or hire an interior designer as you can do it yourself the décor of passages. For this, you don’t have to come with some out of box ideas. Remember that passages are passage, and thus, they are not that wide enough to have any large pieces of furniture. Here are some ideas to spruce your passageways:

23rd Apr
Home Organiser

Effective Home Organizers

It is such a problem to have all belongings getting stuffed in a cupboard or just stacking up the newspapers and books on the table. You have to make your home look clutter-free and give significant space look try using any of these organizers. These home organizers are convenient and portable, as well.

22nd Apr

Ways To Decorate Bare Wall

Something is boring about the bare walls. Doing something with the walls is so much fun, creative, and also adds to the décor of your home. Even if the space is small or large, use the walls to add your personality to your home or add character to your home. Spruce up the bare walls, and you will love your dull and boring walls more.

21st Apr
Backyard Garden Design

Delicious Summer Garden

Some plants need full sun, and summer is the right time to plant the veggies to enjoy your delicious homegrown dinner. You can plant a summer garden. Here are the few vegetables which you can grow in your backyard.

20th Apr
Vastu for Money

Vastu’s Proffered Solutions to Help You Rake In a Lot of Money!

Nothing is more annoying or disappointing than not being paid off for all the hard work one puts into work. They may belong to the intellectual, innovative, talented lot, but there’s always some unknown factor that keeps you one step away from all the success, name and fame. It is like the world aligns in funny way to screw up with one’s plans just at the fag end.

19th Apr
How To Create Effective Mood Lighting In Your Bedroom

How to Create Effective Mood Lighting in Your Bedroom

There are certain rooms in your house where you may desire mood lighting for whatever reason. The bathroom might be somewhere you want to relax and unwind, whilst you might want mood lighting in the dining room to create a nice ambiance whilst you eat. However, one area that is ideal for mood lighting in the bedroom.

18th Apr

Know About Italian Marble Types for Home Décor

Home Décor without Italian Marble is just like an Ice Cream without Ice. Italian Marble ensures the flooring to get enlights just like the sky. Some various types and styles make Italian Marble an array of selection. All the varieties are separated from their specialty that can suit the décor. Here are some of the leading multiplicities that tend as a trendsetter.

17th Apr

Some Easy Tricks to Mix and Match Patterns for Your Home

If one has ever experienced to decorate any of the interior home space, one would be wondering about how accurately to mix and match the different designs, patterns as well as colors. While going through interior designing magazines as well as some of the interior designing television programs, it could look like effortless. Here are some of the essential tips & tricks.

16th Apr

Vastu Shastra’s Do’s and Don’ts List for Bedrooms

Vastu Shastra is the science involved in the construction of a dwelling, a metaphysical layout of a building that takes into account the supernatural forces present in and around it and refocusing it in a unique way to work for the peace, prosperity, and harmony of the family living inside it.

15th Apr
Laughing Buddha Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips for Indian Homes

Feng shui is a Chinese counterpart for India’s Vastu Shastra. It is a 3000-year-old science comprising of intricate knowledge of how to amend and balance the natural forces present around one and convert it into positive dynamic energy, which brings in overall peace, good health, and good fortune for the people present in it.

14th Apr

Basic Styles of Interior Designing Part 2

Interior designing is essential such that you can convert the space, be it home, office, or any institutional place in such a right manner that it is functional as well as a beautiful place to be. Here are some more basic styles of interior design.

13th Apr
Vastu Shastra for Yellow Living Room

Vastu Shastra Playing Kaleidoscopic Magic on Your Dream House!

Vastu Shastra is an ancient credo consisting of guidelines based on traditional views of how nature laws affect human existence. It lays out the point that the world is comprised of five essential elements. Vastu Shastra’s role in creating a perfect balance between all these elements and build up a harmonious living and working environment that reaps out maximum benefits.

12th Apr

Basic Styles of Interior Designing

An interior design project is the joint work of the interior designer and owner of the space. But as a novice, we may wonder what style should we create our home’s interior or office space like to feel good and at ease in that environment. Here are some basic styles of interior design that will explain the main characteristics of the styles, interiors.

11th Apr

DIY Décor Things Mom and Kids Can Do

Now that holidays have begun and my kids spending more time at home, silence at times gets me on my nerves as silence means danger for me and my home décor. Well, kids can ruin those perfect walls or sofa covers and create havoc like anything. Well, they have got nothing to do with schools closed. The solution to the problem I found, and that is taking their help in decorating the home.

10th Apr
Danish High Style Wingback Library Chair Vintage

Stylish Wingback Chairs – Part 1

Chairs are the places where one not only sits but also spends time with owns self. Chairs are the most relaxing places in the world if they are properly planned and placed. First of all, let us see the most common benefits of Wingback chairs. The wingback chairs with winged sides offer the best place to our hands. So, comfort is quite an unusual feature of these chairs.

09th Apr

Why Opt for Beds with Storage

It is kind of myth that bed with storage don’t look stylish. Rather as interior designing expert I would suggest to opt for the beds with storage. Even if you have ample of space available in your bedroom and have no storage issues in bedroom the beds with storage is useful. The kind of beds […]

08th Apr

Window Sill Cushioned Seats an Add On Beautiful Space

An expression about the window sill cushioned seats and how beautiful space they can become. There were times when windows were considered as a thing which house has to have for ventilation but otherwise goes unnoticed. But with a little bit of creativity, you can turn the window sill in a functional and beautiful piece of furniture and add on lovely space for the family to relax by the window.

07th Apr

Summer Is Here: Décor Tips For Summer

Summer is here, and you need to get some changes done in the décor of your home, such as opting for fresh interior palettes, casual interiors instead of stuffy. There are many more summer décor tips which you can use for your décor of the home, which is easy. You can make your apartment to have a summer beach house-like feel. Here are some easy summer décor tips.

05th Apr

Some Do’s and Don’ts Related to Keeping Flowers Fresh for Long!!

One of the best gifts that one can ever receive from their loved ones is a fresh bouquet of the gorgeous flowers they love. Fresh flowers not only bring joy but also make you as happy as fresh flowers. Furthermore, magnificent blooms can light up the atmosphere of your home. Find online flower shops offering fresh flowers which you’ll brighten up your day and keep smiling.

05th Apr

Innovative Interior Ideas for Your Brilliant and Breezy Bedroom

It is saying that “the ending of the entire earth is home.” But, the real ending of our entire day is our Bedroom. The Bedroom is the place where the person searches for the ease and comfort that he can never get anywhere else. The Bedroom is an effortless station in the journey towards peace. These ideas might prove useful for your search of an innovative and exclusive bedroom.

04th Apr

Reorganize Your Work Desk

It is challenging to sort each and everything at a time. So, the very first step to organize the desk is to clear all the stuff at once. The primary effect of a clean desk will also boost your confidence and urge to have a sanitized desk. So, remove all the required and non-required items first.

03rd Apr
Teal and Turquoise Interiors Living room

The Texture Of Teal And Turquoise – A Bold And Beautiful Terrain

Interior is always essential in the world than the exterior, whether it is a human being or a house. The exterior is the symbol of attraction, but the interior is an accent to attach. The global world is changing in dynamic speed, and so is the taste of the people for interior colors and textures. The loud and bold versions of Teal and Turquoise color are the latest selection of texture.

02nd Apr
Italian marble flooring for modern living room

Italian Marble finish for Living Rooms

Italian Marble transforms your Living room into jewelry of your Home decor and finish adds that grandeur appeal to your interiors. These Italian marbles go through several polishing processes to achieve a beautiful finish. Also, different textures veins in the Italian marbles represent a significance in quality and visual appearance standards.

01st Apr

Succulent Plants For An Easy Indoor Garden

The best way to add freshness to your lovely interiors is by adding some touch of real lush green plants. And if you are a forgetful gardener, you will be happy to learn about Succulent Plants. So basically, Succulent Plants are now often used as indoor garden plants as the maintenance and care routine is easy. You have to water the plants once or twice a week.