2016 Garden Trends


Cane Furniture

The garden is often the part of the home which a lot of people take the most pride in, the reason of this is usually down to the fact that it is the that visitors can always see. This may make the homeowner make sure that they keep their grass well-trimmed and their flowers nice and full. There are however a number of trends which come through year-on-year and these can be a wonderful way to make sure your garden is looking the best it can be. These following trends are the biggest ones of 2016.


Garden Furniture

One of the biggest trends seen this year is people investing more in the type of furniture they are using in their garden. Traditionally, the type of furniture seen in people’s garden would be a picnic table and some chairs. This has now changed though and a lot more people are choosing to fully utilise their outdoor space by having full sofa and table sets. The typical cane furniture sets are now having cushions and covers over them and people are using their garden as a spot to relax around a fire with friends and family.

Environmentally Friendly Features Being Integrated with Contemporary Designs

Cane Furniture Sets

The problem with a lot of environmentally friendly features is the fact the design of them is often quite an eye sore. This issue has now been corrected though in 2016 and we are seeing a lot of sustainable features being integrated in to contemporary designs. This can be seen with rain water collectors that are now built into a number of garden features. One way this is done is with pond designs by having a gap that goes around the edges of the pond and let’s rain water easily fall through to the bottom to be recycled.

Lighting Features


The other big trend this year has been the addition to the lighting which is being used in gardens. Typically, LED lights which were used in gardens would be the normal style and they can often take a long time to brighten up. Now though the technology has improved so that these light up straight away and they can now also come in a variety of different colours which is a fantastic way to add some energy to a garden that may be looking slightly dull.

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