3 Beautiful Phrases To Engrave On A Headstone



Death marks finality as the deceased no longer has the power to impact the world. For family and friends of the deceased, they can no longer see or communicate with their loved ones in person. This is why grave decoration is an important part of the funeral process. The grave of your loved ones represents their resting place after death and a place for you to visit them from time to time.

A headstone is one of the best ways to honour the memory of your loved one. Not only does it serve as a means of identification but also as flower decoration. Decorating their headstone with an inscription is a way to preserve their legacy. Headstone inscriptions can be personalised to represent what the deceased stood for when they were alive. This article will highlight three inscription ideas that you can use when engraving a headstone.

Three Headstone Inscription Ideas

Personalised memorial headstones usually carry deep meanings and relevance to graves. You can have discussions with your loved ones about their preferred inscription before their passing. If you do not have an opportunity to discuss with them, you can use an inscription that matches their personality. There are three main concepts that reflect the personality and beliefs of an individual. They are:

  • Literature
  • Music
  • Religion

You can get many inscription ideas from any of these concepts.

  1. Literary References

The books and authors that an individual enjoys the most greatly mirror their taste and personality. If your loved one is a lover of books, using a quote from their favourite books or authors is a good option. Poetry is also a great choice for headstone inscriptions. As a matter of fact, you can use a short poem in its entirety as a headstone inscription. If the deceased were a cinephile, their best movie lines could be used.

  1. Music

Just like prose and poetry, a person’s music taste often depicts their personality. This makes song lyrics a great choice for headline inscriptions. It could be a line from their best song or something from their favourite artiste. You just need to make sure that it matches their personality. Lyrics can be funny, uplifting, deep or even sarcastic.

  1. Religion

Religion reflects the beliefs, spirituality and moral standing of a person. If your loved one was a religious person during their lifetime, a religious inscription is a perfect decoration for their headstone. You can make use of inspirational verses from a holy book.


Away from music, literature and religion, the headstone inscription can come in the form of a personal message. Before deciding on an inscription, consult with other members of the family in order to make the right choice. To get the most out of a headstone inscription, it is important that the headstone looks nice and is constructed properly. This is why it is essential to contact professionals to help you in constructing a gravestone. You can contact Headstone Memorials Hawkesbury for the best gravestone work.

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