3 Best Qualities Of PU Leather You Must Know


Polyurethane Fabric Furniture

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine the difference between real leather and leather-like materials while looking to buy leather products. This can be confusing for people who may be looking for genuine leather. Conversely, it’s beneficial for others who want to take the cheaper route and go with artificial leather.

There are many types of artificial leather, of which PU (polyurethane) leather is the most common type. PU leather is mainly used for upholstery in several industries, including transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and fashion.

This artificial leather fabric material, like leatherette, is made of thermoplastic polymer that’s most commonly used for furniture, car interiors, apparel, etc. Also, certain premium PU leather manufacturers provide higher grade fabrics for exquisite furniture and luxury car interiors that provide maximum durability and sheer comfort.

In this post, we will look at different aspects of PU leather along with its pros and cons.

  1. Look & Comfort

One of the main qualities customers look for in a piece of furniture would be how it feels on their skin and fits their posture. While the furniture’s structural design solves the back and neck problems, the fabric quality plays a significant role in determining the level of comfort a piece has to offer. Such designs will require an advanced solution such as polyurethane fabrics that combine functional and aesthetic qualities while ensuring lasting strength and comfort.

Some manufacturers offer advanced features such as integrated ventilation systems that surpass customers’ expectations regarding comfort levels. Adequate air circulation undeniably reduces health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle. It promotes better blood flow and enables you to use the furniture upholstered in this fabric for longer periods without any problems.

Furthermore, you can clean PU leather frequently without causing damage, which isn’t the case with real leather. We will discuss cleaning PU leather in detail shortly. This quality helps the user shield against bacterial problems and dead skin cell build-ups.

Collectively, these benefits translate to considerable economic benefits in the form of fewer medical expenses and lower maintenance costs.

  1. Easy To Clean

Whether it’s leather or leatherette, both of them cater to several premium furniture applications generally associated with luxury and sophistication. Usually, these products serve customers with an appreciation for beautiful aesthetics. However, the fabric only retains its aesthetics when maintained well.

While leather can’t be washed, you can use certain practices once in a while to maintain its look and enjoy a long-lasting experience. However, maintaining actual leather can become more tedious than you would expect.

With PU leather, you could just go ahead and wash it like any plastic or synthetic fabric while being able to enjoy the same levels of luxury, aesthetics, and comfort. Today PU fabric materials are used and trusted by several branded office furniture suppliers such as Steelcase for this very reason.

  1. Durable

Watching premium furniture blend in with amazing architecture or car interior provides a unique experience. However, making this beautiful combination work for years implies hefty repairs and maintenance costs.

Sometimes the only way to get an item to work like before is to replace parts or the whole unit. Good quality PU leather offers great comfort, matches the aesthetic requirements, and justifies its very purpose by lasting beyond your expectations.


Upholstered furniture items such as office chairs and car interiors are designed to meet long hours of usage. These items must have extended durability and a user-friendly design.

As a sophisticated fabric, PU leather offers supreme functionality without sacrificing style. In addition to style, it is easy to clean and almost as durable as real leather but with much lesser maintenance. It is a fabric solution that lets you be worry-free by saving considerable amounts of time and money in the long run.

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