3 Common Signs To Look For If You Think You Have Pests In Your Home


A pest infestation can quickly bring your life to a grinding halt. In as little as a few days, an insect colony or family of rodents will spread germs throughout your home and put your family’s health at risk. Catching these infestations early will allow you and your exterminator to come up with a comprehensive plan to protect your home.

  1. Unusual Noises at Night

Many different animals are active during the day, but some of the most common household pests are nocturnal. Homeowners should be wary of any noises they hear late at night before going to bed or when they first wake up in the morning. Rodents often scuttle through the walls and produce rustling sounds. Some of the larger insects also make faint scraping or clicking noises in the walls and vents. Most of these noises tend to disappear when the sun comes up, or the house is filled with people, and the pests are scared.

  1. Piles of Scat

Protect Your Home And Family

You should immediately call a pest control professional, like those at Allstate Pest Control, as soon as you notice any piles of pebbles, droppings, or dust around your home. Household pests tend to defecate in the same areas throughout the night. After just a few days, their droppings might resemble a small pile of sand or dirt. As for rodents, the droppings are slightly more apparent. They are much larger than insect scat and typically brown or black. Both rodents and insects leave their droppings near their food and water sources, so you should keep an eye out for piles in the kitchen, under sinks, or up in the attic by the insulation.

  1. Scratches and Bite Marks

3 Common Signs To Look For If You Think You Have Pests In Your Home

Almost every pest is going to damage different materials throughout your home. Rodents are the worst offenders, and these mammals will go after practically anything they can get their teeth on. That includes wire covers, wood, cardboard, insulation, and your food. Homeowners should make a point of checking their dry food products a few times a month to see if any critters have found them. Insects, on the other hand, tend to damage materials they would like to get through, such as walls and floorboards.

While you should always be vigilant for the signs of a pest infestation, preventative pest control services can be very useful as well. Depending on the age of your home and the local environment, you should most likely have your home inspected and sprayed at least twice a year to prevent future infestations.

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