3 DIY Ideas For Change A Room’s Atmosphere


Add a special touch to your room with these amazing DIY ideas. From wall art to handmade decorations, you can explore your options to find the best way to lighten your space and change the atmosphere. We will tell you everything you need to do to turn these projects into your future home decorations.

  1. DIY Wall Art with Personalized Stencils

Are you tired of the plain walls in your room? Do you want to make a change and personalize your space? Then this stencil-based wall art project may be just what you’re looking for. You can write messages, paint patterns, or make full-on designs on your walls with this easy project.

DIY Wall Art

DIY Stencils For Wall Art

  • You can use regular cardboard for your stencils.
  • Write the message you want on your wall or draw the shapes you’ve always wanted to use as art.
  • If you’re not a particularly talented sketch artist, print the patterns for your wall and glue them to the cardboard.
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut around the edges of your design, and you’ve got yourself a stencil.

DIY Wall Art

  • Place the stencils on the wall exactly where you want the writing, pattern, or design.
  • Use regular paint or graffiti spray to fill the hollow portion of the stencil.
  • When you take the stencil away, your wall art is complete.
  1. DIY Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are excellent wall decorations because they can add a mystic touch to your room. Poor your creativity into a personalized design and use the best colors to contrast the tones in your room. There are so many gorgeous DIY dreamcatcher tutorials available online, so make sure you browse through them for inspiration.

Classic Dreamcatcher

This easy-to-use tutorial for your DIY dreamcatcher will show you just how easy it is to make a classic version of this exotic decoration.

DIY Dreamcatcher Tutorials

  • You need a metal, plastic, or wooden ring to get started.
  • Wrap the ring in a colorful ribbon or a patterned fabric of your choosing.
  • Use a thick threaded string (yarn is perfect for the job) for your pattern.
  • Begin by making a knot on the ring and then roll it around in loose loops.
  • When you reach the edge of the thread, make a half knot and continue to roll your string through the first loops.
  • Continue until you reach the center, make a steady know, and you are done.

These are the main steps for the central part of the dreamcatcher. Then you can decorate it with feathers or colored beads to complete it. You can even use a jewelry rack by using your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as decorations.

  1. DIY Wax Paper Lamp

All you need for this one is wax paper, glue, an iron, chopsticks, and a few flowers and leaves. This project is extremely easy to do, and the results are absolutely stunning. Here are the main steps for this lovely lamp:

DIY Wax Paper Lamp

Wax Paper And Flower Lamp

  • You need two wide sheets of wax paper for this project.
  • Place your leaves and flowers between the sheets exactly as you want them on your lamp.
  • Iron the sheets to secure the leaves into place.
  • Use the chopsticks to create a simple cube by gluing them together.
  • Use scotch tape and glue to place the wax paper along with the cube, and your lamp is ready.

These three DIY ideas can really liven up your room and give it the change you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll be surprised to see just how much of a difference a few small details can make in the entire design of the space. Have fun while crafting these lovely decorations and personalize them to give a cozy touch to your room.

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