3 Easy To Do DIY Tips For Updating Your Home


Home remodels and renovations always look great. However, their costs can be hefty, making them unattainable at times. But that does not mean that you cannot give your house an upgrade. In fact, there are proven cheap methods to keep your house looking fresh. These DIY methods do not require you to call in a contractor nor set out a project that spans months. Instead, you can start working on them as soon as you want. So, what are these easy DIY tips?

  1. Using Wallpaper

Nursery Removable Wallpaper

While painting has often been the go-to for refreshing spaces, wallpaper has now become commonplace. This versatile yet highly effective option comes cheap, does not require you to lag a paintbrush, and is easy to maneuver. It gets even easier with removable wallpaper, which gives you more say in how you use the paper. For example, you can use wallpaper to:

  • Cover Your Walls: Most people use wallpaper to cover their walls. This classic look dates to ages ago and still instills the same class it did back then. You can even transform your home to the 70s by using patterned wallpaper. Alternatively, you can go for modern looks. When choosing wallpaper, consider what you would like to impart in the room. For example, bold looks make a room feel brighter. But for cozy looks, you are better off incorporating some patterns.
  • Covering Sections Of The Walls: What if you would like to avoid an overwhelming look in your space? In this case, you can strategically layer geometric wallpaper on the sections you would like to cover, leaving the rest bare. Most people opt to cover the top half of the wall with paper and complement this with wood panels at the bottom. While this classic look often works, why not try other methods, and impart a modern look instead? Wallpaper allows you to experiment more than you can with paper.
  • Creating Contrast: Did you know that you can also rely on wallpaper to excite the eyes? It is effortless. Instead of relying on wood paneling as the complement, you can use more paper. One section of the wall can have one type of paper, and the other section can have a different paper. For more contrast, go with contrasting patterns or bold colors. But if you would like a subtle look in a quiet space, you can go with warmer colors. Please make sure that the patterns or colors play into each other to avoid creating a busy look.
  • Decorating Bookcases And Shelves: Open shelves are incredible spots to decorate with wallpaper. Most of them feature bare backs, which can be a bit too plain. You can give them a boost in appearance by fitting wallpaper into each of these spaces. Removable wallpaper works great for this. When you get tired of the paper, you can remove it and bring in another set.
  1. Installing More Shelving

Beautiful Shelving Unit

Shelves do much more than store items. A shelf, placed in a strategic position, might be what your home needs for that aesthetic lift. Plus, most shelves still feature functional benefits and will thus give you the ultimate twofer! You can go for:

  • Floating Shelves: At this point, denying the allure of floating shelves is a futile affair. Many homes have embraced these shelves, which store items and create quite an appealing display. They hide the mounting equipment, creating a seamless effect in the room. The most important thing? – You can assemble them without help!
  • Corner Shelves: These shelves feature wood, plastic, metal, or other composite material. Any small space that requires additional storage without cluttering the room can work with these shelves. They are available in right angles, curves, and angles. Some even rotate to take up less space!
  • Bookshelves: Even with audiobooks and e-books having gained popularity, hardcover books still have a following. If you love having books in your space, how about getting freestanding bookshelves? You can place them in any part of the room. Plus, their fabulous designs work with almost any décor.
  • Fixed Bracket Shelves: While these shelves are old school, they come in handy in lending your space a traditional style. Their braces are pretty evident and play into their overall look. If you do not like the apparentness of the hardware, you can go for floating shelves.
  • Hanging Shelves: For easy DIY shelving, hanging shelves are the way to go. These shelves work suspended from a ceiling, wall, or any other top surface and can hold small items, preventing clutter in the room. Please note that they have lower weight limits and are not the most ideal for practical use. However, as far as aesthetic value goes, these shelves are winners.
  1. Painting Flooring


While focusing on the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows always play a part in the home’s overall look, the floors are just as important. So if you want a simple yet eye-catchy update, it might be time to work on your flooring. The good thing is you do not have to retile the floor or update your hardboards. Instead, you can get away with painting the floor and still have a fantastic outcome. Some ideas include:

  • Going Gray: If your walls and other furniture are quite bold, working with a neutral color ensures the room does not feel busy. But, of course, you can always go with a light gray or combine it with some white to make it even more neutral.
  • Creating A Patterned Effect: By mixing colors, you can end up with a floor that looks tiled. For example, you can work with a black and blue combination. The two hues blend well and should not prove distracting to the eyes.
  • Going White: Do you want a bright space? Then, white is the way to go. Not only does it make the room feel bigger, but it also makes it look cleaner. It is especially an excellent color for small rooms with few windows.
  • Going Green: For a calming effect in any room, work with sage green. It makes the room feel earthy and is a sure way to calm your senses. How about it?

All these DIY ideas are easy to implement and will not break your bank. So, what is your choice going to be?

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