3 Great Irish Cottage Extension Ideas On A Budget


It is incredibly exciting when you first buy a home, but it can be very stressful if or when your family outgrows it. One option is to sell up and move, but another is to extend the property. Everyone knows how much of a pain it is to try and navigate the property ladder anyway; it’s best to avoid if possible!

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Building an extension allows you to stay in the home that you created so many memories in a while breathing a new lease of life into it. However, this can be expensive, which is also likely to be a worry if you have a family. Here’s3 Irish cottage extension ideas if you’re on a budget.

  1. Timber Clad Extension for Older Cottages

Older cottages have a very distinct personality and character and sometimes adding an extension to the property can threaten this. One way to avoid such issue is to add a timber clad extension to make the extension look more natural.

It can also be used to hide any variations between the original and new brickwork. This way you can honour the unique design and still benefit from the extra space that an extension to your Irish cottage will give you. As it’s cladded in timber, it can often work out cheaper too.

  1. Get To Know Your Contractors

The success and failure of the project are down to the quality of the contractors you have completing the work. Initially, it’s essential that you verify the quality of the work that they can provide by getting recommendations and references from past clients.

Once they begin work on your Irish cottage extension, you should communicate very regularly to build and develop the relationship. This will help you both to overcome any issues with the project as early as possible to ensure that you minimise delays, plus also increasing the possibility that you might be able to agree with discounts at the end.

  1. Be Realistic – There Will Be Delays

Even the best-laid plans to help turn your Irish cottage extension ideas into reality sometimes required changes. It’s unrealistic to think that you’ve accounted for every possible factor that might delay a construction project.

It only takes a week of severe weather or a supply chain issue to push the completion date back. Be calm. If the project has been planned correctly, then you’ll have built in some flexibility with the completion date, so the best thing to do is recognise that these things happen and communicate with the contractors to minimise the delay.

Any serious accidents or unfortunate damage to the property is sure to blow your budget wide open and cause significant delays. It’s essential that you arrange home insurance to protect yourself against any serious issues that include damage to property or belongings. Some insurance policies offered by reputable Ireland Home Insurance companies, i.e. theaa.ie can protect you from any of these events, and they even cover you for six thousand Euros worth of damage before it also impacts your no claims the discount.

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