3 Hazards To Watch Out For When Working On Your Own Home


Gone are the days when you need to hire a tradesman to do every little job around your house or investment property.

People these days are releasing that most small jobs and even some large at home jobs can be done themselves saving time and more importantly quite a bit of money.

You only need to look as far as T.V series such as DIY home renovation shows or home and garden shows which outline the important steps of both how and what is needed so average everyday people can get the job done themselves

This of course depends on the skill level of the job and what you yourself are capable of doing.

There are of course several jobs that we recommend you leave to the professionals and should never be attempted by anyone who is not qualified to complete that work. Trades such as electricians and plumbers, especially if you are dealing with gas or sewer mains should not even be questioned and always dealt with in the correct manner by the correct person.

If you’re going to work on your own dwelling make sure you look out for these hazards

Foot Protection

Foot Protection
When you’re working on your own home it’s inevitable that you’re going to be lifting heavy objects. Objects that at anytime could fall and cause damage to your feet. The weakest and most at risk part of your feet are your toes. Toes can easily break or be seriously damage if large heavy tools or objects land on them.

How can you avoid this?

Wear the correct composite toe or steel toe boots. These boot designs offer protection to your feet and in particular to your toes offering a safety cap that covers your toes so if any large objects should happen to fall you’ll be covered.

Potential Eye Damage

Safety Glasses
You don’t get second chances when it comes to dealing with your eyes. Eye are incredibly sensitive and require the utmost protection at all times when dealing with any work.

If the job involves the cutting of any type of metal, timber or plastic you must be sure to wear the correct type of eye protection.

This applies to all materials but the cutting of metals is by far the most important. Hot metal filings and sparks if they come in contact with the eyes will cause serious damage and not just temporarily but can cause permanent damage to the surface of the eyeball.

Why is metal such a hazard when its cut? All metals because they are such a hard materials need a mixture of both heat and speed of the tool you’re using to cut shoot of hot fragments and can easily be shot into the direction of the eye.

Be sure to wear eye wear that not only covers the eye but also wraps around your head to stop potential hot filings coming in from the side. Examples of these types of eye wear may include wrap around goggles or specialised glasses that fully cover and include the sides of the eyes.

Toxic Fumes

Toxic Fumes
Although most of the time fumes can’t be seen they are still incredibly dangerous to your health. You’ll find fumes when you’re working on jobs such as painting, spraying weeds and everyday cleaning.

How can you avoid the dangers of fumes?

The first line of defence is to read what type of ingredients are in the product of substance you’re using. If you see unknown chemicals, especially if they have a toxic symbol next to them, be sure to get the correct type of masks or ventilation apparatuses. Masks are one line of protection that you should buy the best brands and styles of.

Breathing in toxins can not only create immediate damage to your lungs but again can cause long term damage to your body.

Be sure to take special precautions when working one your own home and wear the correct types of protective equipment. This is one of the reasons why tradesmen get paid so much they have to deal with these potential dangers on a daily basis and therefore know and account for these dangers.

Everything in life is negotiable except for your health, be dae be prepared you never know when something unexpected will happen and if you’ve got the right work wear on you’ll stand a better chance to escape the situation unharmed.

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