3 Purchases To Revamp Your Garden Without Landscaping



Are you ready for an outdoor upgrade? When most people think of sprucing up their outdoor, landscaping is the first thing that comes to mind. While dry grass and unkept hedges need some TLC, sometimes all you need is a centerpiece that will change the complete look of your space. If you still love your landscaping but want to revamp your backyard, these three purchases will give you a completely new look while maintaining what you love.

  1. Add A Pergola

Beautiful Pergola

People have been adding gazebos and sunrooms to their backyards for ages, and although they look magnificent, they cost a pretty penny and will still limit you in terms of use. The alternative to this would be a pergola. Pergola’s are open-air frames with a latticework rooftop. They come in tons of designs and can cost as much or as little as your bank can stretch. The roofs and sides of a pergola were traditionally open-air, but modern designs have adopted solid elements to protect occupants from the sun, rain, and wind. Another significant advantage of contemporary designs is the ability to still use your pergola during spring and winter so you can continue entertaining outdoor.

  1. Add Water Features

Beautiful Large Water Fountain

Outdoor water features significantly impact the ambiance and beauty in your backyard. A water feature such as a fountain provides fascination through sound and motion. Fountains are flexible, which makes them the best option if you are not interested in doing any landscaping. They are beautiful and come in a variety of designs, from free-standing fountains to wall fountains. The fascination with a fountain is its ability to add mystery to space no matter how many times you look at it, while its sounds give you a relaxing background noise that’s unbeatable. If you are creative, you can have your fountain disappear into the pool or have a bubbling fountain fall into a large tub. Whichever design you go for, you will change the focal point of your yard by introducing a water feature.

  1. Add An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking spaces are among the most sought-after outdoor features by millennials. The American Institute of Architects listed them at the top of outdoor renovations buyers liked for in 2018. They add value to your home with research revealing that you will recoup up to 71% of your investment. If you are big on entertainment, there is no doubt that an outdoor kitchen will be perfect for your backyard. Using your outdoor kitchen also means no smells will be left lingering in your house, especially when you cook odiferous foods like fish. As you spend time outside during summer, your air conditioner will have less work to do, which will bring down your utility bills.

You don’t have to redo your whole yard to get the gist of a remodeled space. Sometimes, all you need is an addition to what you already have. These ideas range from affordable, easy backyard fixes to more sophisticated ideas, so be sure to check your budget and see which works best for you.

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