3 Reasons To Use Under Desk Foot Rests


Under Desk Foot Rest

Sitting on your desk for longer can be uncomfortable, leading to back pain, leg cramps, and blood clots. To help you out, you need to improve your foot placement by an under-desk footrest. When you adjust your chair to meet desk height, elbows are slightly higher, or you may find feet lifted off the ground or unable to position your legs adequately at the desk level.

A footrest help adjusts your feet and legs to ergonomic position and increase comfort, reducing health issues risk. Ergonomics footrests relieve pressure on your feet, legs, and back. With various types in the market, they increase your overall comfort when sitting.

Below are some reasons to use under desk footrests.

  1. Better Posture

When you sit for long in one position, you may feel achy and stiff when you stand. In addition to an ergonomic chair, you need under desk footrest. To achieve a healthy posture, keep both feet on a footrest with legs horizontal to the floor. It automatically glues your back to the seat, decreasing pressure to the lower back and shoulders.

Due to the natural posture, thighs are not under pressure from the seat, reducing fatigue and discomfort. Also, when your feet are flat to the ground, it decreases pressure points, increases circulation, and lowers backpressure since good posture involves keeping hips above knee level, moving feet around, and sitting up straight.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

To have better blood circulation, you don’t need to roam in the office constantly. You can use under-desk foot support that improves circulation, reducing the chances of cardiovascular and circulatory problems. Along with footrest motion, make an effort to maintain better posture as you adjust your position on the desk regularly.

With a footrest, you neutrally position your feet. It is critical for women that wear shoes with different heels like sandals, high heels, or boots. Moving around with such height discrepancy while keeping feet flat all day in your office strains muscles and tendons, leading to foot problems and pain. Supporting your feet with a footrest can reduce such effects.

  1. Reduce Lower Back Pain

It is common to have back problems when you sit long hours in the office due to poor feet posture that strains your spine. Inappropriate posture results in low productivity and discomfort, leading to back injuries when prolonged. With a footrest, you comfortably sit back with less pressure on your back or spine.

When you have shorter legs, you have problems reaching the floor when seated, floating your legs in the air. It leads to weight distribution problems and back discomfort. By using an adjustable footrest, you keep your feet flat by adding support to your legs. It encourages active sitting and coaxes movement.

Extended periods in an office desk can strain your spine. With an under desk footrest, you sit without slouching as it relieves pressure on your back, leading to comfort and higher productivity. Besides, it ensures your legs and feet are angled to encourage back, shoulders, and hips alignment.

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