3 Signs Your Trees Are In Need Of TLC


Most homeowners worldwide value the trees in their yards rather highly, and for a good reason. Trees not only infuse an aesthetic feel to your home, but they also provide shade during the hot summer days. Kids love trees – they can always climb up and hide from the others during an exciting game of hide-and-seek. As with every living thing, trees age and gradually start to rot. This process can be accelerated by failing to take proper care of your flora.

Although most people prefer tending to their yards, tree care is quite delicate. However, you’d certainly benefit from the prowess of a professional tree service company such as Chop Doc.

Here Are Three Signs Showing That Your Trees Are In Need Of TLC:

  1. Branches Are Injured Or Falling Off

Branches Are Injured Or Falling Off

Harsh climatic conditions such as heavy storms could leave your trees in a devastating state. For instance, branches may twist and sag after being tormented by a windstorm or hurricane. The small branches can easily be pruned without having a professional do it. However, for more extensive, tall-looking branches, it’s wise to call up Folsom arborists to assess the damage and prune the damaged branches promptly.

It is common practice to strike the iron while it’s hot. Fallen branches could cause a safety hazard to your loved one, so it’s essential to dispose of them quickly. Keep the crucial pruning tools inside the garage (or somewhere safe and accessible), so you can handle such cases swiftly and efficiently.

  1. Leaves Dropping Earlier Than Usual

Leaves Dropping Earlier Than Usual

Sometimes, trees act peculiarly to indicate that they’re stressed. Some trees may start shedding their leaves ahead of time, suggesting that they are diseased or infested by pests. This sign could also result from water or heat. Aphids, cankerworms, and whiteflies are some of the notorious pests that could devour the leaves, prompting them to dry up and fall off the trees. Plant moisture levels, on the other hand, contribute significantly to its health. Always follow an effective watering regimen to ensure that your trees are watered appropriately, especially during summer.

If the leaves on your favorite tree start turning brown, it could indicate insufficient nutrient uptake or mineral recycling ability. This sudden color change could also result from a pest infestation, restricted root growth, or natural damage. Such signs should be assessed and remedied by a professional tree expert.

  1. Fungi And Mushrooms Start Sprouting At The Tree’s Base

Fungi And Mushrooms Start Sprouting At The Tree’s Base

Although it’s generally a worrying sign, not all mushrooms are bad for the flora – some are quite beneficial. However, some fungi are incredibly harmful and should be eliminated quickly before hurting your trees. One example is the honey fungus, a terrible mushroom variety that usually grows at the tree’s base. Get some winter care and maintenance tips from treeland. Honey fungus sprouts during early winter and emits a sweet odor. It mostly attacks oaks, birch trees, and an assortment of fruit trees. This mushroom hurts trees by decaying their roots and eventually killing them. It’s therefore wise to avoid overwatering your plants because the honey fungus prefers overly moist conditions.

These three signs indicate that your trees desperately need special care.

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