3 Smart Home Applications For Your Landscape That Will Save You Time


Smart Home Applications

Imagine a world where you didn’t even have to get up during your favorite program to go and water the gardens, turn on the outside lights, or shut the garage door. A smart water timer and other outdoor applications are becoming increasingly popular with American homeowners today. It is estimated that 175 million homes in the world are turning into smart homes, with the United States being home to 63 million of them.

Approximately 57 percent of people with smart home technology say that it saves them time. Here are three smart home applications for your landscape that will save you some time.

  1. Garage Door Replacements

Garage door replacements are a popular home improvement project because they can provide an ROI of over 80 percent. Automating them is a time-saver, and more today are becoming smart home replacements. Many today are being implemented with mobile apps.

Features on smart home garage door replacements can be extensive or as simple as a remote lifter from your phone. You might find some that will even send you the temperature of your garage. Some of the more advanced smart garage door openers will even send you a notification when you have left the garage door open. Like many other smart home devices, you can often sync these products with your other smart home appliances or technology.

  1. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a popular smart home advancement and can be as advanced as you need it to be. Exterior lighting has the potential to offer an ROI of over 50 percent. A low-level smart home advancement for exterior lighting might be something as simple as motion sensor lighting. This can offer you an additional outdoor security feature as well.

Other means of outdoor lighting can include LED fixtures and landscape elements that also function as an intercom or a security device. These may also help you to save on your home insurance. A key advantage to many smart home lighting systems is that they also can be integrated with your smartphone. It takes the guesswork out of putting lights on a timer during daylight savings time. It also adds a layer of security by ensuring that your lights never go on or off at night at the same time every day.

  1. Smart Home Irrigation

Smart irrigation systems can include a multi-thousand dollar system installed in your outdoor landscape. Or, it can include something as simple as a smart water timer that removes the nightly watering chore from your list of things to do.

A smart water timer would function almost like your holiday lights timer, but with your water. Many are more advanced than standard outdoor timers as well. Some will turn on and off when you want. Others will have an integrated Wifi hub that syncs with local weather data to water at a specific time, but only when you need it done.

You don’t have to invest a lot in technology like this. A water timer is a much simpler solution than an in-ground sprinkler system with a weather sensor.

Invest in Smart Home Applications Today

Smart home applications for your gardens and landscape are numerous. These are just a few ideas to get your inspiration rolling. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a time-saving difference in a smart home. Invest in your first outdoor smart home application today and begin saving time so that you can enjoy your garden more.

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