3 Stylish Storage Solutions For Small Apartments


The typical use of space for storing clothes and accessories is to hang garments in a closet, and to maybe utilize a dresser. But what happens to the fashion-forward young man or lady with more clothes than they’ve got a room for? Apartments don’t feel small because of square footage; they feel small because of the way space is utilized. Making use of drawers, custom wardrobes, and shelving can open up space in a way that leaves more room for living, without compromising on clothing and accessories or other items.

  1. Drawers


Rather than a large cumbersome jewelry box on the dresser or wide hat rack cluttering up the wall, placing smaller accessories in a sleek drawer is a great way to hide the clutter and make a room look bigger and cleaner. Minimalism is definitely in style right now, and a nice drawer with a stylish handle or cut out helps to store beautiful necklaces and scarves without needing everything to be out in the room taking up space. Drawers vary in size, which allows for diversity in the type of items one is able to store. This is a great place to keep makeup or everyday items that need to be readily available for use but tend to look cluttered when left out. No one has time to organize and arrange their makeup on the counter each morning, and makeup bags can be disorganized and difficult to find anything in. A beautiful, smooth drawer is the perfect addition to any fashion-forward apartment.

  1. Wardrobes


Wardrobes are vastly varied in style and size, which is why they are so widely appreciated as one of the best options for organization, especially in smaller residencies. Available on the market are usually wardrobes with sliding or hinged doors, as well as walk-in or non-walk in wardrobes. While the standard variations of wardrobes are impressive, to say the least, many consider it best to get a custom wardrobe. Custom wardrobes can usually accommodate any of the many variances in wardrobe design including size, type of door, etc. The elegant exterior of a custom wardrobe adds flair to an otherwise standard room, and allows for residents to store a vast array of items without the space appearing overstuffed or messy. Adding a wardrobe to any bedroom or living room opens up the space while allowing for even more storage. A qualified installation crew can add complex and confident new wardrobe units into virtually any space.

  1. Shelving


For the apartment dweller that wishes to not simply store, but to show off their stylish sweaters, their daring DVD collection, or maybe even their luxurious home library, drawers and wardrobes that hide the mess away might not be the ideal choice. How then, many wonder, is a person able to both show off their gorgeous accessories, while also keeping the space they occupy free of clutter and disorganization? Shelving, in this case, would be the ideal solution. Many utilize a corner unit to display various shoes or purses, hanging scarves on an attached hanging rail. There are even options out there that allow a hanging mirror to be attached as part of the shelving unit. Inner-shelving lighting is great for a home styling studio, and make the whole space look more like a curated window display than a lived-in, dreary apartment. The openness of displaying one’s personal items is definitely both a daring fashion statement and an ingenious organizational tool. Being able to visibly see where ones most important accessories are immediately upon walking into the room, without needing the items to be strewn around in a disorderly way achieves a compromise between de-cluttering and decorating. This method of organization is certainly on the rise with current apartment owners continuing to purchase shelving to make their spaces bigger without losing the decorative elements of the items they love.

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