3 Things To Do Before Any Interior Makeover Project


The end of the year and the beginning of a new one is always the best time to refresh your house and do some makeover projects. There are more deals to benefit from during the holiday season, so you can keep the projects affordable even when they are extensive. There are new trends to follow and more ideas to draw inspiration from too.

3 Things To Do Before Any Interior Makeover Project

Before you start a makeover project, however, you need to prepare the room you are refreshing. The goal here is preventing damage to the parts of the room you are not changing, such as the floor and the furniture. Here are the three things you need to do before any interior makeover project.

Add Surface Protection

Unless you are changing the floor too, the first thing you want to do is add sufficient surface protection to the floor of the room. Trimaco has a wide range of floor protection products you can use in different situations.

For a heavier, more extensive project, you want to use Floorshell heavy duty construction board as the surface protection of choice. The construction board isn’t just good for preventing paint and other materials from damaging the floor, but also for protecting the floor from scratches and damages caused by heavy equipment and construction shoes.

You also have the lighter surface protection materials to choose from for lighter projects such as repainting. Some of them are designed to be slip resistant and very absorbent, all while remaining reusable. You can use the same materials on future projects too.

Clear the Space

It is also a good idea to clear the space for the sake of keeping the project efficient and problem-free. Furniture that can be moved to another room are the ones to begin with. You are creating a safer and more effective work environment while protecting your furniture at the same time.

The same can be said for appliances and electronics. Chances are you will not use the room while it is being remodeled, which is why it is better to uninstall the electronics and store them safely once the makeover project is completed.

Complete this step by eliminating decorative items and other personal belongings that are still in the room. You can store them in another room temporarily or pack them safely if you have to leave them in the room that is being refreshed.

Check for (Potential) Problems

Small issues like damp walls or bad wiring may not seem significant at first, but they can ruin the room, and the house. The last thing you want is for these issues to turn into bigger problems AFTER the makeover is completed; that would mean spending more money to fix them and more complications to deal with.

While prepping for the makeover, do a quick but thorough inspection and find potential issues around the room. Make sure you spend time fixing any issue you come across before moving forward with the project.

Now that you have completed these three steps, you can continue with the makeover safely. Getting the best result and completely altering the way a room looks and feels will not be difficult once these preparations are made.

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