3 Tips For Getting Your Laminate Floors Squeaky Clean


Laminated Floor

There are countless perks associated with laminate flooring. In addition to being one of the most affordable flooring types currently available, it’s long-lasting and easy on the eyes. Although laminate surfaces are primarily found in kitchens, they’re becoming increasingly common fixtures in bathrooms, rec rooms, and furnished garages. What’s more, laminate surfaces are famously resilient, making them ideal for households with small children and rambunctious pets. Perhaps most importantly, they’re also easy to clean, particularly compared to other common flooring types. As you’ll find, getting your home’s laminate surfaces squeaky-clean is as easy as one-two-three!

  1. Water Is Your Best Friend

Whereas other flooring types need to be cleaned with chemical-rife over-the-counter products, high-quality laminate flooring can be wiped spotless with nothing more than a lightly dampened sponge or washcloth. Because laminate surfaces are not conducive to staining, the aforementioned products’ use is generally discouraged when dealing with this flooring type. The next time one of your home’s laminate surfaces incurs a stain, smudge, or shoeprint, you can make short work of it with a conservative amount of water and a nonabrasive cloth. This is ideal for parents and pet owners who don’t want their children and animals exposed to the plethora of chemicals found in most commercial cleaners.

  1. Vinegar Can Help With Stubborn Stains

Although it’s tough for laminate surfaces to incur stains, it’s by no means impossible. When a spill or muddy footprint isn’t removed from your flooring on time, a stain may be the result. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to enlist the aid of harsh chemicals. If you’re unable to remove a set-in stain with hot water, vinegar should be able to pick up the slack. Pour a quarter-cup of vinegar into an empty spray bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake well to form a highly effective makeshift cleaning solution. Next, spray the newly-formed solution onto the stain you wish to remove, allow it to sit for several minutes, then proceed to wipe it with a dampened cloth. Repeat this process until the stain has been successfully purged.

  1. Dry Carefully

To prevent your laminate surfaces from incurring scratches and smudge marks, you must exercise caution when drying them. For best results, gently soak up residual water with a non-abrasive microfiber cloth. Whenever possible, avoid performing this task with an abrasive napkin, paper towel, or tissue. Alternatively, if a minimal amount of water is all that remains in the wake of thorough cleaning, it’s generally safe to allow the surface to dry on its own.

Laminate flooring is a fantastic fit for virtually any household or business. Why spend top-dollar on extravagant surfaces when you can get flooring that looks just as good for a fraction of the cost? Of course, laminate’s advantages aren’t limited to aesthetics. Its high degree of cleanability makes laminate flooring a smart choice for anyone tired of constantly scrubbing stains off the carpeting, hardwood, and other traditional flooring types.

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