3 Tools That Will Take Your Teaching To The Next Level This Year


If you want to take your teaching to the next level, you might want to change up the tools you use to teach students. In terms of teaching tools, one thing to keep in mind is that whiteboards are a teacher’s best friend. Let’s look at three tools that will take your teaching to the next level this year.

Document Cameras

Document Cameras

One tool that can help take your teaching to the next level is the document camera. You might have never heard of the document camera before, which is because they are pretty new and modern inventions or at least innovations. A document camera is like a cheap and budget-friendly tablet.

These are devices which a teacher can use to take pictures of a specific document, or in some cases even create a record. This document camera can then be used to display the worksheet, quiz, or whatever else on a screen in the room, or it can be used to transfer said document to other individual devices in the room. For one, this is useful because life nowadays is all about technology, and kids are more inclined to learn when the tech is involved.

Moreover, the time it takes to photocopy hundreds of pieces of paper per day for all students is a monumental waste of time and resources (wasting paper is not eco-friendly). If you want to teach the next generation to be eco-conscious, what better way than to lead by example? Document cameras can help save time, money, and the environment all at the same time, and they do not cost much.



eBooks are another great tool that can take your teaching to a new level. Everybody is probably familiar with the traditional textbook, and with conventional books which have to be read in school as well. As you also know, there are serious issues which face both students and teachers when it comes to regular books.

First off, textbooks are pricey, especially hardcover types. A single history textbook can run a school a couple of hundred dollars. Multiply that for each student, and a book for each subject and the numbers add up real fast. This is even more important to consider when university students are involved because they have to buy all their books. Then, there is also the fact that books students get in school are often outdated, they can have students’ notes and drawings in them, and maybe even pages are missing.

These are not problems that you will face if you have eBooks. Of course, you probably shouldn’t let students take them home, but on the other hand, you really cannot rip a page out of an E-reader, nor can you draw on the pages. Also, it is much cheaper to download virtual versions of any book than to buy multiple hard copies. It’s just another way to bring teaching into the modern age we live.

The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard

The other tool which can help bring>your teaching to a new level is the whiteboard. If you are a teacher, you know how bad old school chalkboards are. For one, if they break, they cost a lot of money to replace. Next, mounting a massive chalkboard on a wall is not an easy or inexpensive feat.

There is then the fact that chalkboards are messy, with that chalk dust infiltrating every nook and cranny, every piece of clothing, and getting everywhere. Furthermore, chalkboards are very hard to clean, often requiring multiple passes with those dusty erasers, and then often needing to be washed with water. This is all just a big waste of time that nobody should have to deal with.

The much easier and better solution to the old school chalkboard is a modern whiteboard. A whiteboard has so many different benefits when compared to a chalkboard. For one, they are much lighter and easier to mount in a classroom. Next, whiteboards often come with wheels so that the whiteboard can easily be rolled from one classroom to another.

Furthermore, the white of the board, combined with various colored markers, creates a good contrast which makes these things easy to read. Moreover, erasing dry erase markers off of a whiteboard is much more easily done than erasing chalk off a whiteboard, not to mention that there is no chalky mess involved either.


The bottom line is that if you want to take your teaching to a new level, any of the three tools we have looked at above are great places to start.

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