3 Types Of Awnings For Your Deck


Sun Blocking Shade

Summer in Australia is welcomed by firing up the grill, taking out the cricket bat, and setting up outdoor seats. However, harsh sunny days can become a bit of an inconvenience. Even from a medical perspective, too much exposure to sunlight is harmful. Installing a sun-blocking shade can help you remain cool outdoors and make sitting out in the deck more pleasant.

What Is An Awning?

 It is a common choice of shade installed in private residential properties and commercial operations. It has a primary downward angle to guide rainwater and debris off the surface. While it acts as a shade for outdoor living space, awnings are as impressive for keeping indoors cooler by deflecting the sun rays falling on the windows.

There is a wide range of awning designs and styles available, with each variation serving different needs. Some have simple mechanisms, and others are as complicated as erecting a gazebo. However, all the designs are well equipped to fend off a hot sun’s fury. You would need to prioritize your needs and respectively decide which awning is the best fit for you. Here are three most used types of Sydney awnings you can consider:

  1. Retractable Awnings

You might have seen many shops with retractable awnings installed on top of their street-facing window. Many homeowners also prescribe this style as it is easily foldable and flexible. You can extend the awning to provide shelter or retract it when you are in the mood to sit under the sun. The convenience of easily tucking it in is useful during rainy or windy days. The function helps owners to protect the awning against hostile weather.

They are equipped with a manual crank option that is used to extend or retract the awning. These kinds also come with a mechanical motor which can be controlled through remote control or automatic sensor. A sensor-trigger retractable awning will be programmed to retract whenever furious winds would be detected and extend when it is sunny or drizzling.

  1. Fixed Awnings

A fixed or stationary awning is favorable in areas with consistent hot sunny, or mild precipitation weather. Fixed awning requires less maintenance than retractable alternatives because it is stronger and more durable. In other words, it is more resilient against hostile weather conditions, like gushing fierce winds.

Fixed awnings are placed on a wall or other structures. However, they can be customized and assembled according to one’s demand and requirement. This enables homeowners to utilize fixed awnings respectively to fit in irregularly shaped decks.

  1. Portable Awnings

Also referred to as freestanding awnings, it is the cheapest option between the three. Portable awnings are built for the owner’s convenience and can be replaced from one location to another as one might please. Often not as sturdy as other alternatives, these types of awnings are preferred for occasional use. Ultimately, it still does the job of protecting you from the harsh sun rays and successfully fending off dust particles.

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