3 Types Of Cotton Sheets For Your Bedroom


After a long day being battered at work, in school, doing business, managing rush hour traffic, or whatever it is that keeps you busy, it is not unusual to head directly and crash to the most sacred, most comfortable room in the home – the bedroom. If your bed is not the most comfortable space in your home, you might have a problem there.

Selecting the right bed sheets to suit your needs is primary to having a comfortable bed and getting a nice, cozy relaxation time to separate you from the stresses of the outside world. It’s a fleeting moment of heaven, peace, and serenity.

Whenever you look for bed sheets, some of the things you will need to decide on are the material, thread count, price, elasticity, and the overall comfort it provides. The most common and popular content is cotton, so here’s a rundown of 3 types of 100% cotton sheets:

  • American Upland Cotton

American Upland Cotton

American Upland is the most widely used cotton sheets. Its staple length (which is the average length of a sampled fiber) can vary from being short-stapled to long-stapled. American Upland is not precisely for the luxurious and elegant as compared with other cotton sheets, but still offers a degree of durability. A cotton bed sheet labeled only as “100 percent cotton” is most likely to be American Upland.

  • Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has the finest and most extended staple length, which translates to an incredibly soft, lustrous, quality bedding. It is a belief that Egyptian cotton is grown and harvested from the Nile River.

  • Pima (Supima) Cotton

Supima Cotton

Pima cotton has an excellent and long staple, but not as much as the Egyptian cotton. It has a soft, silky feel that symbolizes sophistication and quality. It is also known for strength and durability. Supima is a short-hand for “superior Pima,” which is the trademark name of American grown Pima cotton.

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