3 Unique Decor Ideas For Your Living Room


Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

Getting creative with your living room decor can be a real challenge. Most of us settle with a rug under the couch and a couple of generic paintings on the wall. If you’re feeling adventurous, however, you might be exploring fun and exciting ways to spice up your living room. Today, we’ll be exploring three gorgeous and unique ways to decorate your living area.

1.   Custom Art


One of the best ways to improve your decor is with artwork specifically created for you. This not only allows you to make a piece tailored to your tastes, but you also add a conversation piece for guests. There are a variety of ways to find custom art for your living room. DIY projects can be a great way to spruce up a living area.

Try attending a Painting with a Twist class or an art class at your local library. Take a couple of friends with you and follow along with the instructor to create a fun, unique piece of art. When you hang it up later, you’ll be reminded of the remarkable evening you had with friends.

In addition to creating your custom art, you can also purchase art made just for you. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can usually commission artists on a variety of sites. Take Silvan Art, for example. Silvan Art offers custom laser cut maps for you to display. If you have a hometown, your college or university town, or even a favorite trip you’d like to remember, you can order a detailed map of the area in question. You’ll get a beautiful wooden map to display proudly.

2.   Decals


Another unique way to decorate your living room is by applying decals to your walls. Decals are usually vinyl printouts with a sticky back so that you can press them against any surface in your home. Decals come in letters, simple images, or photos. One simple idea is to take your favorite quote and purchase letter decals to spell it out. Take time making each decal level and evenly spaced above your couch or TV, then peel the plastic back off and stick them to the wall.

If quotes aren’t your thing, you can also try image decals. If you have a bunch of family pictures you want to display, try finding a large tree decal for your wall. After you apply the decal, hang your family pictures along the branches to create a unique “family tree.” This is a great way to consolidate your family photos stylishly.

3.   Texture


The texture is a seriously underrated form of decoration. Adding a variety of texture through textiles, wood, plants, leather, etc., is a great way to break up a bland living room and excite the eye.

There is a multitude of ways to add texture to your living room. You can start with your curtains. Create a contrast between the color of your wall with the texture of your curtains; if you have a light wall color, break it up with darker, heavy curtains. If you have a dark wall color, try a lighter, breezier fabric to let the light in.

Another great way to add texture to your living room is by adding a rug. Any rug will break up a floor, but try adding a natural fiber rug like jute, sisal, or bamboo to create visual interest. Not only are these natural rugs neutral in color, but they add an interesting ruggedness to any room.

Finally, you can even add texture through your accessories. Add some contrasting fabric throw pillows to a leather couch or a soft blanket to an upholstered chair for an easy splash of texture.

Crafting a unique living room doesn’t have to be complicated. Try adding custom art, decals, and texture to create the perfect living area for you and your family.

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