3 Ways To Cleaning Your Wine Carafe


Cleaning Your Wine Carafe

The hygiene of cutlery can’t be ignored if you want to live healthily. It’s even a must to make sure that all of your kitchen utensils, cutleries, or any kind of tools that are related to food are clean. Like those things, the carafe’s cleanliness also needs to be monitored.

Don’t ever drink with a dirty wine carafe because it’s not only considered to be ‘gross’ but also affects your health. This article will help you know more about carafes’ cleaning methods.

Part 1: The necessity of keeping your carafe clean

Part 2: Methods to clean it

Part 3: Conclusion

  1. The Necessity Of Keeping Your Carafe Clean

Did you know? There are many bacteria that you can find in the kitchen or dining table. It can come from your hand, groceries, cutleries, or utensils. That’s why you need to make sure that you clean your kitchen or eating tools.

Researchers stated that bacteria could spread from one grocery to other groceries. It also can produce certain bacteria with different amounts. This proves that there are many bacteria in the kitchen or dining table. So you need to make sure your wine carafe, like Le Chateau Wine Decanter, is clean before using it for drinking. Because it’s usually in the kitchen, right?

Cleaning a carafe isn’t the same as glass. It’s not only washing it with flushing the water. You need to know some ways to clean it. Let’s talk about this in the next part.

  1. Methods To Clean It

To clean a wine carafe or decanter, it doesn’t only need to flush water through a decanter. However, you need to use more effort to make sure the carafe is hygienic. The reason is some visible leftovers will still be there over time. Also, one thing to note is never put vinegar in your wine carafe. It’s better to use fragrance-free soap. These are some cleaning methods that you can use for your decanter :

  • Free method: A method where you can do it for free. This way can be done by pushing a non-metallic scrubby sponge down to the neck and pushing it with a wooden spoon around the bottom.
  • Get a decanter cleaner: You could get a good decanter cleaning brush to keep your decanter spotless. It has the shape like a giant pipe with a handle on the side. If you have a unique-form decanter, it’s impossible to reach the dirty part with a basic tool. Consider getting some additions like decanter cleaning beads to help you clean the tight spaces.
  • Drying your decanter: This method can be done for free or paid. For the free one, you can use a drying towel and wrap it on the large mixing bowl, then rest the decanter upside down in the bowl. As for the paid one, you can just buy a decanter dryer at a retail store near your area.
  1. Conclusion

That’s all for the information about cleaning methods that you can do to make your decanter clean. Choose that suits your needs!

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