3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Welcoming


Your bathroom should be one of the best places in your home. It is the place where you can relax and unwind after a long day of work. A well-designed bathroom makes you look forward to your bath times. Maybe you already know that your bathroom space is not inspiring, and you are thinking of simple ways to spice it up. Making your bathroom look much better does not have to be expensive. Are you wondering where to start? Below are three features that you can upgrade in your bathroom to give it a welcoming look.

  1. Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

Having an outstanding bathroom mirror can add life to your bathroom space. If you are still using a traditional, old, or broken mirror that hardly serves its purpose, it is time to sample some bathroom mirror makeovers. Bathroom mirrors come with various benefits. One, they make your space look more spacious. To create an illusion of space, fix the mirror over the sink or opposite your bathroom window if you have one.

Secondly, you can add some artwork to your bathroom space using a mirror. Think about how you would design the frames and the space surrounding the mirror. Thirdly, a mirror can add light to your dark bathroom space as it reflects light from the bulbs. To achieve such an effect, place your mirrors opposite your window or bulb.

Another overlooked benefit of having a quality mirror in your bathroom is for hygiene reasons. A good mirror can help you pinpoint major flaws in your appearance. You will inevitably brush your teeth better, comb your hair well, shave better, and as a result, look your best.

  1. Use Proper Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Proper lighting is what will make your bathroom more functional. The first lighting you should work on is the task lighting in your mirror. The lighting should be at eye level on both sides of the mirror to help you have a better view of yourself when you are applying makeup, brushing your teeth, shaving your beards, and doing everything else. Avoid fixing lighting at the top of the mirror.

Use accent lighting to illuminate any art, sculptures, or flowers you may have in your bathroom. Other ideas for bathroom lighting include decorative lighting and ambient lighting installed on the perimeter of the bathroom wall. You can hide ambient lights using creative architectural detail.

  1. Get Creative With Bathroom Curtains

Creative Bathroom Shower Curtains

A cheap and effective way to spice up your bathroom would be to do a bathroom curtain upgrade. The typical bathroom curtains should be able to withstand moisture and be durable. Some types of curtains you can choose are vinyl or waterproof curtains, sheer curtains, and panel curtains. If you are not a fan of curtains, you can place plant decorations at your window or use creative methods such as beads and translucent stickers to maintain your privacy.

Are you now ready to upgrade your bathroom? Go ahead and start implementing the above strategies.

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