3 Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Better Sleeping Space


Mattress In A Box

When you enter your sleeping space, your bedroom, what kind of feelings does it evoke? Do you feel stressed when you go inside the room? Are you itching to organize it? Does it make you forget that you went there to sleep in the first place?

Your bedroom should make you feel calm and relaxed. It should be inviting you to rest – because that’s the purpose of your sleeping space. When your bedroom doesn’t give you peace, it’s about time you should to do something about it.

You shouldn’t feel restless when you go inside your room. It should coax you to sleep and not distract you. What changes can you do to your sleeping environment then?

Also, you can do soundproof your room for better sleeping, QuietLivity.com have a detailed article about soundproofing room with blankets you may check this post.

  1. Changing Your Bedroom’s Lighting

Bedroom Lighting

Usually, we go for rooms that have natural lighting abundantly, because why not? Natural light is good, and you don’t have to rely much on artificial lighting, and that’s a plus.

However, this could also be the reason why you’re not getting enough sleep. The sunlight that comes through your windows cues your body to wake up. And that’s a real bummer when you still need to sleep more.

You can no longer go back to sleep because the sunlight has fully wakened up your mind and body already. You are probably in a dilemma now. You want plenty of natural lighting, but you also want a room that doesn’t disturb your sleep.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you might want to get blackout curtains or blinds – whichever your style is. The good thing about blackout curtains or blinds, they block off the light that’s coming inside your bedroom.

Another bonus – they also block outside noise to an extent. They can also make the room cooler by keeping the light from coming in.

  1. Put Your Bedroom Into Order

Beautiful Bedroom Design

One reason why you feel distracted upon entering your room? Your room probably has clutter everywhere. With so many things going on inside your room, how can your brain rest?

If you want to tidy up instead of sleep – you have a problem. You need to start organizing your stuff. Your clothes should belong to the closet. And for the other mishmash of things that you have but can’t let go of – arrange them in caddies or bins.

Designate a bin for your stuff. Make sure they are returned to their respective containers after use. The less clutter you see in your room, the less distracted you will be.

  1. Check Your Bed

Check Your Bed

When was the last time you replaced your bed? Can’t remember the last time you replaced it? That’s an indication that it’s about time you get a new one.

You don’t have to replace the frame if it’s still okay and working, change the mattress. Why should you be replacing your mattress anyway? Through the years, as your mattress ages – it probably becomes a host to a lot of dust mites and bugs. A lot of it that no deep cleaning can eliminate anymore. This could trigger allergy attacks.

Another problem of an old mattress – it’s no longer as firm as it should be. Your body needs a mattress that can fully support your weight. This is important for your body alignment.

If you feel it’s an inconvenience to replace your bed, think of getting a mattress in a box better even if you buy mattress online so you can replace that old, rickety bed as soon as possible.

And that’s how you can transform your bedroom. Adjust your room’s lighting, put your stuff away, and replace that old mattress. Those changes would enable you to have a better sleeping environment.

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