3 Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensive


How To Make Your Home Look Expensive

One of my deepest desires is to have a beautiful home. You probably want one too. But the unfortunate feeling we get right after thinking of that desire is sadness at how prohibitively expensive it can be to get an upgrade on a home.

It doesn’t have to be expensive though. It’s very possible to make your home look exquisite and expensive without spending an insane amount of money or getting wall-to-ceiling IKEA. Interior designers have shared the secrets to an elegant home over the years, and some of them are deceptively simple. We’re going to look at our favorite three. Let’s hope they work for you as well as they worked for me.

Mix The Average With The Truly Exquisite

Interior Décor
Have you ever considered how a majority of people dress? We’d all love to have the right labels like Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. However, we’re more likely to have an abundance of H&M and some Zara here and there. Then, there are one or two really expensive pieces that we use to really bring out the look.

That approach can have you looking like a million bucks despite being dressed on a budget. It’s the exact same approach you should use for your interior décor. You need to work within your budget and splurge only on what you really need to have. If you see an accessory piece or piece of furniture that you just need to have, then splurge on it. However, be sure to keep everything else within a reasonable budget. The result is a trendy home that doesn’t make it look like you tried a little too hard.

Lighting and Color Are Your Friends

Lighting and Color
Let’s start with color. The kind of color scheme you choose for your home really matters. You can’t just ignore the paint job when you want your house to look like a million dollars. For starters, try going for more subdued colors that give the elements of the room a chance to stand out. It doesn’t have to be bland because what really matters is how the color interacts with the rest of the room. In general, however, try to avoid bright hues.

One particularly good practice is to paint your interior doors black. This makes the rooms look very elegant but is inexpensive. Also, you don’t always have to paint all the walls in the same color. You can have accent walls to bring some drama into the interior décor.

With lighting, the more the sources of light, the better. Floor lights and table lights will supplement the overhead lights. You can also get a light dimmer to control the level of light and help set the mood.

However, this comes with a warning. According to Pcsenergy.us, excessive lighting is a very common cause for small spikes in electricity bills. You can offset the additional cost by investing in energy efficient light bulbs, smart lights, energy monitoring systems, or even getting solar panels.

Use The Power Of Staging

Power Of Staging

Staging is the art of arranging your furniture aesthetically. It’s really all about expressing yourself with the way you arrange your furniture. Do you like reading in the garden? Why not have a bookcase with some nice potted plants in front of it?

It’s simple in principle, but not easy at first. It takes a bit of practice and trial and error. Just don’t try to clutter things too much on the one hand or achieve a sterile look on the other. If you do it just right, you’ll be able to give your house a Zen look without necessarily having to buy any new furniture or accessories.

Summing Up

Summing Up
Giving your house a million dollar look doesn’t have to cost you a million dollars. Use the right approach, and you’ll have your house looking elegant in no time. Whatever you do, however, remember that your house should be a reflection of you. So, don’t hesitate to infuse a bit of your personality into your home. It will certainly look more authentic that way!

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