3 Ways To Use Super Screen In Your Home


Are you a new or current homeowner looking to upgrade the screens in your home? Super Screen is a uniquely developed carbon fiber window screen product designed for supreme durability and protection. Here are three ways that you can use SuperScreen in your home.

Screened-In Patio

Screened-In Patio
A screened-in patio is a great way to enjoy being outside, without the worry of bugs, sunburn, extreme winds or temperatures. With Super Screen’s Pool & Patio 17/14 mesh product, you can easily update the screens on your existing patio, or construct the patio of your dreams within a cost-efficient budget.

Super Screens are great for patios because the fine structure only lets in the things you want: like air, sunshine and the smells of the outdoors. The fine mesh of Super Screen is better than most other screens in protecting against bugs and insects while retaining the transparency you want in your screened-in patio. You’ll be able to feel the cool breeze, but keep everything else out. You can rest easy knowing that Super Screen products will keep out pests.

Pool Patio

Pool Patio
Another excellent use for SuperScreen products is creating a patio for your pool area if you happen to have a pool in your home. Super Screen is especially great for pool patios because the fabric performs well in humid and damp areas. It is because Super Screen fabric contains a biocide compound that resists mildew growth, yielding longer lasting beauty from the fabric. No other pool screen, porch screen or patio screen can claim this same quality, which makes Super Screen truly the best in the space for pool patio screens.

Also, Super Screen fabrics will not fade, like many other screens often use in pool patio areas. Due to its unique technology, Super Screen is not susceptible to bleaching, flaking or fading from sun damage. You can have peace of mind when you choose to install Super Screen products in your pool or outdoor patio area, knowing that they will look just as high as the day you installed them for a very long time.

Screen Doors

Screen Doors
If you have a yard, chances are, you also have a door that leads out to that yard, and one that could benefit from a solid screen. Super Screen excels in creating mesh fabric specifically for screen doors that are family friendly and extremely durable.

If you have kids or pets, you know how destructive they can be,  to poorly constructed and sometimes hard to see screens. Repairing screen doors after an accident can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again, which is incredibly frustrating. However, you can rest easy knowing that Super Screen fabrics eliminate this cost. Super Screen products are pet-resistant; customers say that they can’t even see claw marks on the durable mesh fabric.

No matter what kind of improvement you’re looking to make to your home, if a screen is involved, you can make a great choice by opting for Super Screen products. And with a guaranteed 10-year warranty, why wouldn’t you?

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