4 Affordable Ways of Significantly Lowering Your Energy Bill


Energy Saving Tips At Home

The power bill is usually a high recurring cost for most households. Furthermore, as inflation bites and as more family members join a household, the power bill will keep escalating. Most people do not give much thought to their energy bill and view this cost as a necessary financial burden. However, the reality is that most households can reduce their power costs significantly and even up to 50% by simply applying some basic energy-saving tips. Below are four simple tasks that can get you saving big with your power bill.

  1. Energy Saving Devices and Services

Energy saving is now a major trending subject as many people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are now actively seeking ways of conserving energy, going green, and reducing the carbon footprint. This has resulted in most manufacturers of electrical and other powered devices to invent products and devices that consume less power. You, therefore, need to look out for such power-saving devices to replace your otherwise heavy power-consuming items. For example, LED lights are a major revolution in lights’ power saving. These LED lights consume about 90% less power than regular filament light bulbs and will last up to 50 times longer. You can also install energy-conserving windows and doors, especially for the cold season.

  1. Use Solar Power

Another option you can consider is converting to solar energy. Solar energy has a high set-up cost when compared to other power sources, but it will save you costs in the long run. If you use solar power for lighting, water heating, and other powered functions, you will significantly save on your electricity costs. There are different solar systems available, and it is advisable to consult with an expert to know the ideal system for your home. Other factors affect the success of a solar system, including your house’s physical location and the design of your house. If you would want to learn more about solar power, click here. However, by and large, solar systems will give you access to renewable energy that is environmentally safe and cost-effective.

  1. Voltage Optimization Survey

A voltage optimization survey also referred to as an energy-saving survey, is a review undertaken by a power company in a bid to establish energy leakages in a home and provide recommendations for corrective action. Most houses lose a large amount of power through ineffective cabling, wrong power connections, use of wrong equipment, bad location of powered devices, and use of outdated power systems and equipment. A professional review of the power usage of a house can, therefore, result in much power saving. Many power companies perform such surveys for free or at a very affordable rate. You can find out more about the voltage optimization survey and take advantage of this service to identify the areas in your home that may potentially be leaking power and thereby rectify these leakages towards power savings.

  1. The habit of Energy Conservation

You can also significantly save much of your power bill by practicing simple power-saving habits. These habits include switching off of lights when not in use, closing doors, and other outlets during the cold season to conserve heat and thus reduce on your heating costs, switching off electrical devices when not in use and optimally using electrical devices to avoid power wastage.

There are many other simple things that you can do in your house towards power savings, and cumulatively, these things will result in a significant reduction of your power bill.


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