4 Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small And Compact Bathroom


When it comes to the bathroom, everyone wants it to be big, grand, luxurious with freestanding bath and high ceilings. But the fact is that most of the people might have much smaller bathrooms than those that they usually see on TV or in the movies. However, you can make your small bathroom look big by selecting the right type of floor and wall tiles. So, if you are willing to change your bathroom tiles or do renovations, then contact Bay Side Bathroom Renovations, which offers bathroom renovation in Seaford. 

While coming back to the bathroom, tiling ideas, have a look at these ideas, which will surely create the illusion of space and style.

When Short On Space Big Or Small Is Ace

Small Bathroom Ideas

There are bathroom tiles available that vary from tiny mosaic tiles to large tiles, which can reach meters in length. So, it is not a good idea to use large and giant slabs in small bathrooms because the flooring will need to be cut off a lot, which will eventually create tons of waste and potentially interrupt the pattern or style.

On the other hand, large bathroom tiles measure between 30-60 cm that tends to create a better feeling, which is perfect for bathrooms with limited spaces. If you are thinking of using large or medium-sized tiles, then use square shapes with neutral colors such as white or grey.

You can also use small bathroom tiles, but it can sometimes create a feel. So, to avoid that, use small tiles with light colors and don’t use small tiles with substantial pattern features. If you want to make a stunning feature wall around the basin area, then mosaic tiles are probably the most popular choice. Another popular option is mini metro tiles, which are ideally suited to small bathrooms.

Light Is The Key In Tight Spaces

LED Lights For Bathrooms

You might not believe this, but the color of the bathroom tiles can also make an impact in a small bathroom. Most of the people will go for light hues such as white, cream, light grey, and so on.

Select neutral colors while selecting bathroom tiles. This will help keep the tone of a room calm and clean, which helps in smaller rooms. That is because a neutral color scheme provides the illusion of more space. You can also use monochrome tiles, which will eventually look awesome in low settings while the glossy finish of these tiles will reflect the light around the room. 

Think Patterned Tiles To Add Style

Patterned Tiles To Add Style

Patterned bathroom tiles can make a bathroom feel very busy and cluttered. One of the most accessible ideas to use this style is to create a feature wall with your patterned tiles. This will impress your guests and will also help to keep the eyes off the floor. That is because the floor space in a bathroom is a real challenge when you are trying to create the illusion of space.

However, patterned bathroom floor tiles are easy to work into tight spaces and are a great way of decorating without cramping style. So, when it comes to the bathroom floor, patterned floor tiles are a great choice.

Smaller Places Go Great With Reflective Surfaces

Modern Bathroom Designs

You might know that light plays a significant part in making a room look smaller or larger. When you are doing bathroom renovations in Brighton and think about bathroom tiles, consider tiles with a glossy, glass or mirror finish. Glossy finish tiles allow light to reflect around the room while the glass and mirrored finishes will enhance the feeling of space.

You can also consider a marble finish as they have a slight gloss finish, while a light color in this style will create an elegant feel to your bathroom.

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