4 Benefits To Installing A French Drain


French Drain

Most people have drainage issues on their property and they do not know how to solve their problem. Well, worry no more. French drains are a straightforward and effective drainage system that can help get rid of the excess water. A French drain is a pipe placed in the ground to collect rainwater and transport it to low lying areas where the water will do no damage. The pipe has perforated holes, which allow groundwater into the pipe. The pipe is then angled downward to keep water rolling through the pipe. Before burying the pipe, place gravel on top of the pipe to allow smooth flow of water to the perforated holes. If you are considering this project, here are four benefits to installing a French drain.

  1. Takes Away Moisture

The most significant advantage to this drain is to keep the moisture from flooding your property. The pipe allows you to direct water from a higher spot, typically where your home or garage is located, to a lower area. As a result, you will not deal with flooding issues in your home, or clean up the extra water.

  1. Easy Installation

 A French drain ensures that water flows with ease in the direction you want. In addition, you do not have to call an expert to do the installation for you. You can following some easy steps and complete the project within a few days. The most difficult decision is determining where to put the drain. A French drain exceeds all others since you do not have to do damage to your yard when installing.

  1. Eco-friendly

The current world advocates for eco-friendly projects. Going green is a massive movement and adding a French drain can set you in the right direction. You can build you drain using eco-friendly material that will help not only the environment but also your wallet. You can also transform your drain to an attractive feature. You can use decorative rocks that lead to a pathway towards your house.

  1. Value of your Property

The International Association of Certified Home Inspection recommends a thorough inspection of any French drainage system installed in a home you are planning to purchase. If not installed correctly, this type of drainage can cause a disaster on the surrounding structures. In this case, having a well-installed French drain increases your bargain power if you decide to sell your home. As a result, if you are planning to install a French drain system, you can consult with a professional contractor or drain company to ensure you have the best outcome.

Remember to identify the cause of your drainage problem before altering your yard. In most cases, the slope of the yard is the problem. However, check for depressions areas where water may pool as it drains. Examine also your topsoil and subsoil to determine whether your soil is composed of clay, sand, or loam. Water will flow faster on clay soil compared to sand or loam. After you have determined the cause of your problem, you can now decide whether you need to level your yard, or you need to install a French drain.

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