4 Common Raccoon Problems And How To Fix Them


Common Raccoon Problems And How To Fix Them

Toronto raccoon problems are very common. Every big city in North America is home to thousands of raccoons, which cause all kinds of trouble. They’re famous for dumpster diving and damaging homes as they look for somewhere to live.

Raccoons do very well in cities because there is lots of food for them to find. Keep this in mind when protecting your property. The following lists some common raccoon problems and how you can fix them:

  1. Feces In The Yard

Raccoons prefer to do their business away from their dens. Using the same spots repeatedly creates large piles of feces, which smell terrible and spread germs. Also known as latrines, these piles of feces are usually found on raised platforms, like the top of a shed, the roof, or the base of a tree. In some cases, they can be found in the attic.

In the event that there is a latrine on your property, you must get rid of it as soon as possible. First, put on a mask, a pair of gloves, some goggles, and a pair of rubber boots. Then, spray the pile of droppings with a disinfectant or a bleach solution. Doing so will prevent any germs from becoming airborne.

Use a shovel to scoop the droppings into a plastic bag. Be as thorough as possible. Tie up the bag when you are done, then finish the job by pouring some boiling water onto the dirtied surface. Raccoon roundworm eggs will only perish at boiling temperatures, so it’s important that you include this step. If the feces are indoors, call a professional for help.

  1. Breaking Into The Attic

Breaking Into The Attic

Raccoons love attics because they are warm and safe from predators. To get inside, they will rip at the roof vents, push their way through the soffits, or tear at the edges of the roof. Once indoors, raccoons make a mess of the insulation and break electric cables.

Keep raccoons out of your attic by staying on top of repairs. Maintain your roof and cover vents with a thick steel mesh. You can also cover soffits where they meet the roof below to prevent raccoons from getting inside. If it’s too dangerous for you to do it on your own, call a wildlife removal company and ask about their exclusion service.

If there are raccoons living in your attic now, you can have them removed by installing a one-way door. Wildlife removal companies use these doors to let the animals out safely. The raccoons will simply push their way out, then find another place to live.

  1. Getting Into The Garbage

Getting Into The Garbage

Are raccoons getting into your garbage? Invest in a garbage can enclosure that will keep them out. Or keep your garbage cans in the garage. You should also switch to garbage cans that have locks and use bungee cords to tie the lids down firmly. Raccoons are smart, and they have dexterous paws. Strong, complicated locks work best against these critters.

Clean your garbage cans every few months. For added defence, try cleaning them with apple cider vinegar. The smell is similar to that of predator urine and helps to keep wildlife away.

  1. Eating Your Plants

Urban gardens are magnets for raccoons and other wildlife. Keep them out by placing electronic deterrents around the garden bed. There are plenty of motion-activated deterrents available on the market. Some spray water while others flashlights and make ultrasonic noises that are irritating to wildlife.

If there are too many critters in your area, switch to raised garden beds with mesh lids that you can lockdown. Raccoons and rodents will be unable to get their way through. If they’re getting into your flower beds, try sprinkling some cayenne pepper onto the soil.

Contact A Wildlife Removal Company

The best way to get rid of raccoons or to protect your property is to hire a professional. Licensed wildlife technicians have access to one-way doors and raccoon-proof materials that are totally humane. They can inspect your property, list vulnerabilities, then address these issues to keep raccoons out permanently. Call your local wildlife company as soon as you need help.

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