4 Decorations To Help Prepare Your Yard For Winter


4 Decorations to Help Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Wintertime decorations don’t necessarily need to be holiday-related. The best winter decorations are able to prepare homes for the worst of winter and mitigate its most damaging effects. Read on for the best four suggestions that homeowners can use to winterize their properties.

  1. Seal Cement With Epoxy

The wear and tear from winter’s worst weather can wreak havoc on your concrete flooring, particularly if there are cracks in the cement. Should precipitation make its way to these cracks, the flooring can quickly be compromised. Homeowners that have exposed concrete anywhere around the front or back of their homes should take measures to protect their cement flooring with epoxy. In addition to adding a smooth and high-performance finish, the epoxy will seal the cement surface, improving its longevity by several years.

  1. Install A Patio Cover

Families that hope to enjoy their patios once the weather warms up again need to take the necessary precautions to winterize this area of their home to prevent the most damage. The biggest threats to exposed patios during the winter are rain, hail, ice, and snow. Any type of precipitation or harsh weather can ruin patio furniture, cause the structure to rot, and can otherwise destroy a place meant for rest and relaxation. Homeowners can protect their patios during the worst winter months by installing a patio cover. In addition to protecting the patio, these patio covers help to keep heat localized, making it possible to enjoy the patio on slightly chilly winter days.

  1. Use Shrub Covers

Homeowners that are fans of gardening must take extra care to protect their vegetation during the coldest winter days. With the temperatures dropping dangerously low, cold snaps can be a death sentence for most plants. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend that gardeners use shrub covers to protect their gardens from rough winds and cold temperatures. These types of covers help to prevent plants from freezing and help trap warm air around them.

  1. Place Mulch Around The Yard

Winter mulching is another tactic homeowners should rely on to alleviate the worst of the winter. With harsh freezes and winds on the way, laying mulch around the yard will prevent the ground from thawing. With the ground frozen throughout the winter, plants will remain dormant until spring arrives. With proper mulching practices, homeowners will also be able to conserve any water in the soil, keeping the plants nourished during the darker winter days.

Make sure your home is ready for the winter. Use these four tips to keep your property protected all season long.

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