4 Design Tips For Creating A Sense Of Space In Your Basement


When you want to renovate your basement on the small side and somewhat dark, the following are some suggestions on how to create the feeling of there being more space than exists. You can have different zones defined by using décor and color and serve a multitude of purposes in ways that will fit into your budget.

  1. Lighting

Basement Lighting Ideas

Windows in basements are usually smaller because the space is totally or partially underground, but use as much natural lighting as possible. Bright light will make the room feel bigger and make up for the lack of windows. You can use table lamps, floor lamps, or wall sconces. Chandeliers and fancy light fixtures draw the eyes up and create a feeling of more space, especially if you have a higher ceiling to work with. Lower ceilings should be offset by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and another wall décor to help increase the feeling of vertical space.

  1. Colors

Basement Furniture Design Ideas

Use light neutral colors like gray, taupe, and white on walls and furniture to make the space feel more expansive. You can pair more lightweight walls with darker carpets to increase a feeling of depth in the room. Local carpet retailers can advise you on the most versatile colors for your carpet, as well as on which styles will best suit your intended use. A few intense and bold colors in pillows, throws, curtains, and other accessories can catch your eye and draw your attention around the room. The easiest color scheme to maintain is to have neutral, brown colors for your carpet and walls, then add brighter colors with accessories. Doing this will allow you to change from warm to cool colors and back again quickly.

  1. Mirrors, Pictures, Plants, And Area Rugs

Basement Furniture And Interior

Mirrors hung strategically to reflect light and make the basement feel more spacious. While many aim for more giant mirrors in a rectangular frame, you can add variety with mirrors of many shapes and sizes. Doing this not only helps to increase the feeling of space in the room but also helps to increase visual interest in the walls.

  1. Functional And Efficient Storage

Efficient Storage For Basement

Build storage units from the floor to the ceiling so that you get the most out of the space. Buy double-duty furniture such as tables and cabinets with drawers and an ottoman that has a hidden compartment. Nothing makes a room feel small quite the way that clutter does. So ensuring that everything has a place and can be put away neatly will go a long way in reducing the cramped feeling of your basement.

Many people feel their basements are cramped and best used for storage, but such an approach is a wasted opportunity. Even small basement rooms can be transformed into comfortable office spaces or game rooms when the area is used in an orderly manner. These tips will help increase that feeling of space and ensure that you can get the most use out of your basement.

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