4 Different Types of Plumbing and Which Is Right for You


It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without modern plumbing. Homeowners and their families wouldn’t be able to take relaxing, hot showers, wash their dishes easily, or even use indoor toilets. Indoor plumbing has completely changed how people live, yet homeowners rarely think about their plumbing unless there’s something wrong with it.

Sometimes, it is easy to take things for granted, especially when it comes to everyday household things that function without trouble during the week. Once these things break, however, we come to see how lucky we are, but there is no reason to panic since a plumber in Sydney close to your home can quickly solve the problem. It’s safer to leave the fixing part to the professionals since someone inexperienced can usually just make it worse.

Don’t make this mistake. Learn about the different types of plumbing now to make it easier to tell when something is going wrong.

  1. Water Supply

Plumbing pipes and fixtures route freshwater directly into residential homes so that families can wash their dishes and clothes, bathe, cook food, and more without having to worry about where their water is coming from. Water supply plumbing fixtures include hot water systems, hot and cold water supplies to bathrooms and kitchens, and garden hoses. If something is wrong with the home’s freshwater plumbing, homeowners can find services at maplewoodplumbing.com that will help them resolve their problems.

  1. Sanitary Plumbing

Sanitary Plumbing

Sanitary plumbing fixtures include ordinary household fixtures like toilets, sinks, and waste pipes. They also include more specialized plumbing fixtures like suspended drains and the pipes and fixtures that route the water away from these drains and out of the home. Sanitary plumbers focus on making sure that all gray water and black water is removed safely from their clients’ houses so it won’t be left to cause unpleasant smells and potential health risks.

  1. Gas Plumbing

Gas Plumbing

Some plumbers also offer specialized services like gas-fitting. These services will come in handy if homeowners have gas-powered heaters, cooktops, or water heaters. Homeowners who need to replace, repair, or maintain their gas-powered appliances should make a point of finding a plumber who has experience working in this field as the work can be dangerous if taken on by someone without adequate experience and safety training.

One reason that plumbers sometimes offer gas-fitting services is that gas-powered appliances also require water inlets and outlets. It’s best to hire someone who can perform all the maintenance and repairs on these appliances, including both gas plumbing and water plumbing. Plumber King City can help their clients find new appliances if their old ones have become severely damaged.

  1. Drainage Plumbing

Drainage Plumbing

Drainage plumbing includes everything from stormwater and sanitary drains to sewerage treatment systems or septic tanks. Most drainage plumbing is found underground, which can make it more difficult to maintain, repair, and replace. When they have trouble with their septic systems or their underground drains, homeowners should call a specialist.

The same goes for basement drains. Most homes feature some drainage systems in their basements since these areas are prone to both leaks and high humidity. Drainage systems include French drains and simple sump pits and pumps. If homeowners notice that their basements are becoming unusually wet even after they’ve had a drainage system installed, they should call a plumber to address the problem.

The Bottom Line

When most homeowners think of plumbing pipes and fixtures, they think of the freshwater that comes out of their sinks. In reality, most homes’ plumbing systems are much more complex and feature a combination of freshwater, sanitary, gas-fitting, and drainage plumbing. It’s fine to work with multiple contractors to service these different types of plumbing, but most homeowners prefer to find a company that offers multiple forms of plumbing repairs, just like what QLD Coastal Plumbing offers, to simplify their communications.

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