4 Fantastic Flooring Options For Summer Party Patios


Summer Party Patio

One of the main basics of any patio is the flooring that makes it. You can go a variety of directions, from natural stone to wood decks. While all are great options, it’s essential to understand each offers the pros and cons to make the best choice for your party-style patios. Here are four of the most popular options to consider.

  1. Brick

Beautiful Patio Furniture And Design

Brick is an excellent option when you do not have the money or time to invest in a large deck for backyard barbecues. You can use this material to create circular, square, rectangular, chevron, and zig-zag patterns. An alternating mix of various colors adds depth. If you use a sealer, then the bricks will stay together and resist weed growth keeping your patio neat and tidy all summer long. Bare brick catches heat well, however, so these are best for shaded patios if you plan to entertain in the heat of the day.

  1. Sandstone

Sandstone Patio

This material comes in a broad mix of styles, from the rainbow to desert to faux wood. You can customize any style of backyard space with this natural option. The best part is sandstone is durable and will last for many seasons. With regular sealers, you can keep a stone patio looking stunning for years. However, the main appeal of sandstone is the flowing, grainy patterns of warm colors that it carries. Sandstone with a proper sealant is also less likely to damage your shoes’ soles on a hot day and is therefore great for entertaining.

  1. Limestone

Limestone Patio

Another natural stone like limestone is available in a smooth or rough finish. If you are the household that dances until the sun comes up, this option might be a favorite. You may feel safer knowing limestone is excellent for use around swimming pools and hot tubs because it resists mold growth. Limestone is not tricky to clean, making it a preferable choice for outdoor applications, along with other natural stone options.

  1. Hardwood

Hardwood Patio

Nothing says comfort like a hardwood deck. The flooring stays warm for a while after the sun goes down without burning your feet. With the broad span of colors and designs, this flooring option can let you create a lodge feel, zen garden oasis, or central party atmosphere. Choose redwoods, cedar, teak, fir, and African mahogany to ensure your party area stands up to the use and elements. While hardwood is less durable than natural stone, it can be an attractive and comfortable decking option if you are diligent in refinishing.

With these four flooring ideas, you can create a high summer entertainment zone. These options are also durable for exterior use allowing you to enjoy them year after year, getting a good return on your investment. Now is the time to create your patio remade before the heat of summer hits so you and your friends can enjoy the upgrade.

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