4 Functional Design Features For A Fab Home And Patio

On August 27, 2017 by Rachelle Wilber

Great homes are indeed great, but they can become fabulous when they are designed with beauty in mind, whether it is a backyard patio or fresh new building project. Fabulous homes always boast fabulous features, and the choice of features for your home in the contemporary housing market are practically endless. The outside of the home is just as important as the inside if the owner wants a truly spectacular place to live and display to the community. The trick is often knowing exactly what you want and how develop the desired feature for maximum functionality and attractiveness within the range of the construction project budget. Here are several features that any homeowner may want to consider in making their home truly fabulous.

Awesome Front Porch

Front Porch Design
Very few home features set it off like an awesome and well-designed front porch. Many homeowners actually go all-out on a front porch by building completely along the front of the home. Others still even build completely around the home to a backyard patio area that is usually focused on functionality and fun for the family. Front porches are also commonly a great location for a flower garden surrounding the elevated area or along the sidewalks. And remember, a front porch can be a favorite family area just as a backyard when it is well-developed for both usage and beauty.

Centralized Electronic Control

Massive Lighting Designs
All fabulous homes will have great modern contemporary conveniences, and the trend today is electronic control of many home features. This is especially true for homes with massive lighting designs that may need control features on the inside of the home. Internal lighting is important as well for a truly fabulous home with multiple great rooms that use lighting for a specific home ambience or atmosphere. Control units can also be placed in multiple locations both in and outside, and can also be an excellent value addition. And, this is not to mention the added feature of an effective and attractive security system necessary for many properties. Enhanced security features are also very common in homes with electronic gates and privacy walls.

Palatial Patios

Palatial Patios
One of the most striking features of a fab home is usually the patio area, whether it is located behind or beside the house. Combination garden and dining areas are very popular among contemporary homeowners, and the side of the home can also be a very attractive location for functional additions. Patios can extend around to the rear of the home as well, which is also a common location for a swimming pool or hot tub spa, or both. In today’s housing market, no truly awesome home is awesome without a hot tub spa in some location, and often in multiple places in the home. Portable hot tub spas in Reno and in other relative locations, integrate well with outside swimming pools, especially when the pool is unheated, and the combination of both hot and cold water access can be a fun and healthy experience. More elaborate and permanent structures can also be incorporated with an awesome patio, while also enhancing home value when water recreation areas are uniquely designed.

Extended Driveways

Extended Driveways
Homeowners who have significant property surrounding an exquisite home will also want an impressive driveway. The true beauty of a magnificent home is usually realized first upon the approach to the structure while arriving. Front driveways can also be excellent places for constructing permanent overhead canopy-style structures that allow visitors an attractive place to exit their vehicles and enter the home. This is actually a great feature for anyone who schedules dinner parties and entertains a significant number of guests.

The way a homeowner uses their home can greatly influence any specific home or property design. These are just a few of the considerations property owners should entertain when designing their home for beauty and functionality. Even for individuals who are completely renovating an older home, modern appeal can be important when all aspects of home life are included in a smart and fabulous home design.

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