4 Home Design Features Every Chef Wants


Whether a passionate home chef or professional chef quickly turning 300 tables a night—a chef’s home kitchen says a lot about their vision and personality. There are bounds of home kitchen tools, equipment, and design features that boost amazing abilities, are aesthetically pleasing, or make life easier for a busy chef. Take a peek at the top four home design features that are gracing home kitchens across America.

Commercial-Style Ranges

Commercial—Style Freezer

For kitchen enthusiasts that are familiar with Commercial-Style Freezers comes a hot home design feature, the Commercial—Style Range. A commercial range brings other features to the table beside a maximum power output and sleek finish. Not only do they come in a more extensive assortment of sizes, but they also come with more burners and fun features such as charbroilers and griddles.

Refrigerator Drawers In The Island

Traditional Kitchen Design Features

This is a home customization feature that sounds plain and simple. Many traditional kitchen design features are exactly that—simple features that save time. Chefs would appreciate the time-saving and convenience that this option offers. The center kitchen island serves many purposes already; having refrigerator drawers added means no over-crowding in the main fridge. While prepping ahead, chefs can have all fresh ingredients in one area ready to be served or diced at the center island.

A Tasting Area for Foodies

A Tasting Area for Foodies

Chefs often work with tasting areas or tables inside their workplace, imagine a bar-type sitting area with food as the star instead of alcohol. Guests or companies usually like to taste and socialize with the chef during meal prep. Installing a simple tasting kitchen, complete with tons of counter areas—could turn your kitchen into a mini breakfast bar, with the addition of a few barstools.

Outdoor Grill Station

Outdoor Grill Station

Either adding an outdoor grill or enhancing your current outdoor setup is a favorite and must-have for chefs. There is nothing like cooking amidst the fresh air and not having to worry as much about spills and clean-up. Creating an outdoor kitchen brings more bonuses besides just fresh air—outside, there is also more room for one to get creative. Outdoor setups are perfect for items such as a brick pizza oven, or perhaps a commercial-style wok range. Grilling, barbecuing, and smoking are all popular outdoor activities, and there are enhancements you can add, such as the newest social trend—meet social grilling equipment.

Created for the outdoors and offering a whole new concept of cooking, social grilling is a feature provided by social grills. Grills created towards enhancing community vibes and making cooking the ultimate social activity. Think Korean-Style BBQ on overdrive; the OFYR cooking grill is an example of one of the latest innovative products available in social grilling trends.

Your imagination only limits Setting-up, designing, and enhancing your current kitchen—there are products within every price range, budget, and personal taste. Chefs will choose what works for them; often, this boils down to convenience, efficiency—with a garnish of artistic appeal. For the chefs that also love spending time on their phones, there is also a multitude of kitchen design apps available to make home kitchen design dreams come true.

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