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Having a hot tub is an excellent addition to your home. It’s a surefire way to add value to your home, enhance your home’s aesthetics, and allow you to relax and bond with your family after a long hectic day. While it may seem like installing a hot tub is an overwhelming task, there are necessary steps to take to ensure having a smooth installation for your home spa.

According to Spas Australia, home additions are getting commonplace for many residents all over the country. And thankfully, installing a home hot tub is a simpler task than you expect. It’s all a matter of preparing early and acquiring basic knowledge about the hot tub installation.

To proceed smoothly with your hot tub installation, carry on with the tips mentioned below. 

  1. Select The Perfect Location

The first thing you need to do before installing a hot tub at your home is to decide where to place it. Consider variables like views, aesthetics, accessibility, convenience, and privacy when determining your spa location. After all, you’d want it placed somewhere which is comfortable and relevant for your preferences. Hot tubs can be placed either indoor or outdoor, and both locations have their own pros.

Having a home hot tub is a great way to decorate your yard. But take into account the view from the inside of the tub when choosing a site outdoors. You won’t want it placed in your yard, visible for everyone passing. It’s also difficult to have it near the driveway as particles and dust may transfer into the tub when your car drives through. Also, you should keep plants and trees away from the tub as they can drop leaves and other debris.

When it all comes down to it, consider these features to determine your final site:

  • The place should have a leveled surface ground.
  • It should have drainage or water support and connections nearby.
  • It should be accessible and easy for maintenance specialists to fix whenever there are troubles.
  • You should be able to enjoy your home spa privately without the wandering eyes of your neighbors. 
  1. Prepare Its Foundation

Hot Tub Installation

It’s essential to find a sturdy base as the foundation for your hot tub. This is because it weighs heavily, even more so when you or friends and families join all together for a spa session. Therefore, you must install it on a sturdy base to handle the weight.

Here are some of the ideal foundation bases you can consider:

  • Concrete

A concrete base should be at least four inches thick if you choose to install your hot tub on one. Hot tubs can be built on reinforced concrete slabs because of their known robustness and longevity.

  • Gravel

A foundation of this type is a cost-friendly alternative. However, you should compact the ground and ensure that rainwater and splashed water drain away from the tub. Another tip is to add some pavers into the spa so dirt and debris won’t go in the tub.

  • Wood Decks

There are many easy DIY backyard decks to integrate into your home. Wooden decks look fantastic, especially when a bathtub is built into them. However, considering the weight limitations, it’s best to contact a professional expert to check and assess whether the decking design is sufficient for your hot tub. 

  1. Take Care Of Its Electrical Connections

For your hot tub to work, you’ll need to hook it up to a permanent power source. Remember to hire a certified plumber and electrician for this, involving technical connections and tasks. However, doing it yourself may seem possible, but only when you buy a hot tub model which can be plugged into an electrical outlet directly.

Before your hot tub is delivered, make arrangements to install your electrics. This will save you time and is more efficient with the overall hot tub installation. Following delivery, wiring, and filling, your electrician will perform a few tests to ensure that your hot tub meets standard electric requirements. This is beneficial for your own and property’s safety. 

  1. Ensure A Successful Delivery

Online spa purchases are generally delivered curbside, so take note that you’ll have to hire help to be transferred toward its proper location. However, some spa dealers may offer specific placement deliveries, but this may come with an additional service fee. It’s crucial to ask about this detail prior to their delivery.

You’ll want to inspect the spa on delivery day to ensure no damages. If you have enough workforce to assist your installation, it’s best to complete the installation yourself. Otherwise, it’s always a hassle-free decision to rely on experts to install the hot tub by themselves.


Installing a hot tub for your home spa may feel like an impossible task at first. However, when you know the proper steps and preparations to make, you’ll discover that it’s not complicated. Hopefully, you can apply the tips mentioned in this article and have the installers check every aspect of the hot tub before finally enjoying it with your family.

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