4 Ideas For Lawn And Garden Ornaments For Your Yard Make Over!


Lawn And Garden Ornaments

As homeowners, we love to beautify the place we live in. We make sure our house is clean and tidy, beautifying it with chic decor and buying furniture that suits our style! Another place we like to beautify is our yards, as it is the first thing a passerby sees when they look at our house or where guests go for an after-dinner stroll.

How can we make our yards and gardens look aesthetic? By spicing it up with ornaments, of course! But I am sure some of you find ubiquitous designs dull and defeat the uniqueness of your yard. For that reason, I will help you tap into your creative side with some of the best yard makeover ideas. So without further ado, here are some designs for your garden and lawn ornaments for your yard makeover!

  1. Old-Fashioned Pseudo-Barbeque Spit For Your Plant

Have you seen historical movies of people cooking their pot or kettle under a fire pit while hanging by a rod? Well, take that idea and turn it into a nice garden ornament in your back or front yard! The best part of it is that it is one of many you can DIY. You take the concept of the idea, and instead of using it for cooking, you use it for hanging your plant on an old pot or kettle.

How To DIY:

The materials for the three rods are of your choosing. You can use either metal rods or wooden sticks. Two of the rods should have a Y-shaped end. As for the other materials, you need an old kettle or a pot that still has its handle (used for hanging), flowers, bricks or stones, some broken sticks, and a trowel.

You find a location where you want the ornament to be and start shoveling up the dirt to remove grass and roots. The burrowed ground should be circular, and the width of it depends on you. You then place up the bricks or rocks at the outline of the burrowed ground then fill the hole with soil for your flowers.

After that, you stick the rods into the ground across the hole and facing each other. Carefully place your flowers in the middle of the soil with wooden sticks. Place your flower in the kettle filled with the soil and use the third rod to hang it. Finally, place the rod with the kettle on top of the two rods stuck in the ground horizontally and enjoy your ornamental plant box!

  1. Ornamental Wishing Well

Another old-fashioned and somewhat medieval-themed design is the wishing well. It gives you that enchanting feeling of being in medieval times or sometimes feeling mystical of being able to get what you wish after wishing upon it. Well, at least that is what some people felt. Adding an ornamental well is a good addition if you are going for a mystical-themed backyard or garden.

When making it, you may require some expertise from a woodworker or anyone with experience in building with bricks, stones, and woods. There are many variations of designs, and they are not bound to only medieval themes. Building one does not require burrowing the ground and reaching an aquifer (read more) as you only need it for ornamental purposes, after all. Unless you do want to have a legitimate well, you might need more than a regular builder.

  1. Fish Ponds

Fish ponds are one of the most classic ornamental ideas out there, yet many home designers build one for their yard. Well, who can blame them as it makes your yard look beautiful! It has many shapes and sizes, the design is flexible, and it varies from one home to another. But despite being an ornament, the other purpose of the pond is to be a home for your pet fishes. Some types of fish can be a great help for your garden as they eat insect larvae like mosquito larvae.

For an average homeowner, your skill might not be enough to DIY in making fish ponds. What you can do is design the fish pond and call up an expert to build one for you. You can design your fishpond with a mini waterfall or fountain and also add some water lilies to spice up the look!

  1. Bird Cage Plant Box

Are you looking for a plant box for your tiny plants in your garden? Why not try using a birdcage instead of hanging plant pots? Yes, it is possible and looks as beautiful as many lawn and yard ornaments ideas! ! And like the pseudo-barbeque spit plant box, you can DIY it! The only difficult thing to do is finding a birdcage that can hold the soil and a fitting design that suits your taste.

How To DIY:

The very first thing you do is to find the birdcage that can serve as a plant box. You can buy old-fashioned bird cages at thrift shops, yard sales, online (craigslist, eBay, Amazon, etc.), or local buy at the Facebook market! Be sure to check the size of the cage, its durability, and away you can get your plants inside the cage.

Next is to add coir or burlap liner where you can put the soil for the plants. The liner serves as a planting area that can also hold water pretty well and should be 3-5 inches deep. After that, you add the soil and make sure it does not pass through the liner. Plant your vines on it and let it grow out for a few days or weeks. Finally, enjoy your birdless cage filled with viny plants!

A Final Tip For Your Yard Makeover

The list only highlights many great ideas for an aesthetic yard. The internet is full of people sharing their ideas and designs, so I urge you to go surf the web and meet the community. I am confident you will find the design you look for that fits with the theme you decide on or perhaps create your design after being inspired with many ornaments online!

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