4 Keys to Keeping Your Newly Installed Pool Clean and Safe


4 Keys to Keeping Your Newly Installed Pool Clean and Safe

After you install your pool, you want to make sure it’s kept clean and safe for those who swim in the water. There are a few different ways that you can help to ensure that the pool stays just as new as it is the day that it’s installed. Make sure you have a long skimmer so that you can remove the leaves and other debris in the water as well as chemicals that are needed to keep the pH of the water balanced.

Checking the Balance

Traditional Pool With Fireplace

One of the things that you need to do frequently is to check the pH balance of the water. Keeping the balance in order will help to prevent any corroding of the ladder and other metal that is in the water. This can also prevent any stains that form on the bottom of the pool and the sides. A proper pH balance is necessary to prevent irritations that would occur on the skin and in the eyes.


Concrete Pool Renovations

You need to add the proper chemicals to the water to keep it clear. These include chlorine and shock treatments. You can get chlorine tablets that are easy to toss into the pool so that they dissolve. Liquid chlorine is usually a little stronger, and it doesn’t disperse as evenly as the tablets do in the water. Shocking will help to keep the water clear while the chlorine will help to kill bacteria that is in the water. You can get all of the chemicals that you need at companies such as Blue World Pools, which also offers above-ground swimming pools.


Pool Fencing

One way to keep people from getting in the water and damaging the pool when you’re not around is to install a fence. While it might not keep out leaves and small insects that tend to get in the water, it can keep friends and family members from getting into a pool that isn’t properly cleaned, which can cause health issues for skin. A fence can also help to prevent damage to the ladder and other components that make up the pool.


Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are usually at least two filters along the side of the pool. To remove the dirt from the water and pump back in clean water. Make sure that the filters stay free of debris so that they work correctly. Some filters act as a vacuum, which means that you might have to add more water to the pool after it’s cleaned.

Your pool is likely an item that you have in the yard for enjoyment. It’s not hard to keep the pool clean and maintained if you take the time each day to add the proper chemicals and keep debris out of the water. Your investment can last for years as long as you perform the necessary work.

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