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When it comes to home design, there are so many things that you can consider when looking to add some flair to your living spaces. And not all of these things are obvious at first glance. Designing a fashionable home is as much about the little things as it is about grand pieces of furniture or room centrepieces.

And that is what this blog is all about! Here are 4 methods to accessorize your home, focusing on the little things that pull a room together.

  1. Give Some Attention To Your Door Handles

So many people forget to pay attention to the door handles of their homes. Be it the forgotten stainless steel that’s starting to get water spots or the dull brass that hasn’t been polished; door handles can get worn out quickly.

You don’t necessarily need to buy some new door handles. Often re-coating them or giving them a polish is all that is required. But if you are indeed going for a complete redesign, then choosing door handles to elevate your aesthetic is a must.

Are you going for something traditional? Why not choose brass? Something more modern? Get some brand new stainless steel coated in metallic paint to match your colour aesthetic.

  1. Replace Your Radiator Valves

This is another big one that can make a room pop. People have two approaches when it comes to radiators; concealment or implementation. A radiator can work very well if you decide to choose a design that fits your room. However, going the extra step of choosing a valve that suits your aesthetic can elevate it!

You can even choose to two-tone your radiator and valve to match a two-toned room, if that is your style. Trade Radiators have an excellent range of radiator valves including thermostatic radiator valves, that expand a radiator’s functional use and aesthetic potential.

  1. Revamp Your Skirtings

Most rooms, especially living rooms, are let down by skirtings that don’t fit the feel, aura, or style of the room they are within.

Giving some attention to your skirtings can go a long way to elevating the look of your room. Why not consider something different, like engraved skirtings for a traditional look? Or a sleek, one tone skirting for modern settings? Get creative!

  1. Pay Attention To Your Plug Sockets

Plug sockets are an inevitable part of any home now. Some of them can be hidden, but not all of them. So why not turn them into an aesthetic feature rather than something to be glossed over and ignored?

The good thing is, sometimes all you need to do is give them a coat of paint to contrast your primary wall colour. If you want to, you can even replace them entirely with something like metallic, pearlescent panels, or brass plated panels, to give them an extra aesthetic lift.

To Sum It Up

The only absolute limit when it comes to home design is your creativity. Yes, the budget can play a role, but there are plenty of budget ideas you can implement to elevate your home’s look. Get out there and get inventive!

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