4 Overlooked Outdoor Maintenance Checklist Items to Remember This Spring


4 Overlooked Outdoor Maintenance Checklist Items to Remember This Spring

Many homeowners are preparing themselves for the weather to begin warming up. This is a definite sign that spring has begun. Following a few simple tips will help ensure that the upcoming spring doesn’t take you by surprise. Here are four overlooked outdoor maintenance checklist items to remember this spring.

Research the Climate and Soil of Your Location

This tip might sound simple, but it’s one that many homeowners forget about. You likely know how to take basic care of your lawn. However, lawns are made up of soil residing in various climates. This creates differing conditions dependent upon where you live. Therefore, it’s a good idea to research your specific area’s climate before doing too much yard maintenance.

Give Your Home’s Siding a Thorough Wash

Fall and winter are two seasons known for bad weather conditions. With that in mind, this type of weather has likely taken a toll on your home’s siding. This means you’ll want to consider washing your home’s siding in order to increase its curb appeal. DIY Network recommends using either old rags or a pressure washer to accomplish this task.

Cleaning Your AC Unit

As the weather begins to warm, many homeowners will be turning down their respective thermostats. Therefore, it’s a good idea to clean the area where your AC unit resides. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy task to accomplish. First, make sure that no power is running through your AC unit. You’ll want to remove any leaves and debris lingering around this area of your yard. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that this unit still resides on level ground.

Receive a Septic Tank Inspection

Many homeowners dispose of waste by utilizing nearby septic tanks. Like any other item, septic tanks are prone to wear and tear as time passes. Considering that, it’s wise to ensure that you receive a septic tank inspection. A professional inspection helps to ensure that any potential septic tank issues are taken care of before they spiral out of control. It could also be time to consider updating your septic system. Contacting a professional septic repair company ensures your problems will be found and taken care of.

In conclusion, there are several important items that should be on your outdoor maintenance checklist this spring. Unfortunately, this season wreaks havoc on the yards of many homeowners. Following the previously mentioned tips will help ensure you’re ready for spring’s arrival.

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