4 Photo Editing Techniques And Mistakes You Should Know


Photo Editing Techniques

Taking an amazing photo is only half the battle for being a great photographer. A lot of the magic happens in the editing room. Maybe even more than you’d expect.

If you’d like to learn how to produce amazing photographs, then there are some photo editing techniques you need to know as well as certain mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Therefore, you need to know about the importance of a photo editor, which helps you in producing the best photographs. That’s what this guide is going to be getting into today. Read on to learn some advanced editing tips and photoshop tricks that will help you step up your photography game in a big way.

  1. Mistake: Too Much Airbrushing

When you edit a photo of people, sometimes a certain amount of airbrushing can be a great thing. If somebody has a blemish they want to cover, uneven coloring to correct, or a piece of hair that looks out of place, retouching can be a great idea. But often, airbrushing is taken too far.

You’ll sometimes see photos where people’s faces are so retouched that it’s barely possible to make out any distinct features, or they look completely unrecognizable. This is never a good look and can even distract from an otherwise good photo. Therefore, it’s best to keep any airbrushing subtle and natural.

  1. Technique: The Perfect Amount of Exposure

Changing the exposure of a photo essentially means adjusting its brightness. This is a really good technique for dark photos, especially. It can breathe new life into a picture you once thought unusable.

Sometimes, you may want to underexpose a shot on purpose when you’re taking it and then lift out certain details by increasing the exposure when you edit it. One thing to note is that on some photo editing apps, you’ll find this tool will be referred to as “Brightness” rather than exposure.

  1. Mistake: Overusing HDR

When you’re first getting to grips with photo editing apps, you’ll find all sorts of fun and exciting tools you’ll want to try out. This is natural and even encouraged, but you should be aware there are some tools that are overused and can make a photographer’s work look amateurish. The HDR effect is one of these.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it is intended for use in cases where the camera is not able to capture the dynamic range of the scene as you’re seeing it with your eyes. Avoid overuse of this tool if you don’t want your photos to look overwrought and unprofessional.

  1. Technique: Adding Better Backgrounds

When you’ve been editing photos for a while, you’ll be able to identify more advanced ways to enhance them. This includes using elements of two separate photographs to create one amazing shot.

For example, you can add a more fitting background to a photo with a compelling subject in the foreground. The easiest way to do this is to use a background eraser tool on your photo app, then add in the new background you’ve chosen.

Need To Know Photo Editing Techniques And Mistakes

We hope this short yet comprehensive list of photo editing techniques and mistakes will help you to take and create better pictures and enhance your photography skills. If you’re looking for more artistic advice, we’ve got plenty more where this came from. Check out the rest of our site now.

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