4 Pieces Of Advice From Local House Painters That You Need To Know About House Painting


House Painting

Plenty of people quite rightly believe that artists who paint pictures have a rare and unique talent, but people who paint houses also have incredible skills which they have gained through years of learning and doing.

It would be a mistake to think pretty much anyone can pick up a brush and decorate the interior or exterior of a home to the top quality standard, but if you want to have a go at house painting, then these five essential pieces of advice from Denver Painting companies are a must-read.

  1. Organize All The Equipment And Supplies You Need First

If you have to stop and start to get the things you need you to risk spoiling the finished look of your hard work, as well as wasting your valuable time. Professional Local Denver Painters will generally start work with tools, equipment, supplies and other relevant gear which could include: ladders, brushes, rollers, clothes, floor covers, tape, paint, paper, items & products for cleaning the walls, machinery to strip wallpaper, protective clothing, masks, and a spirit level.

  1. Follow The Recognized 5-Step Pre-Painting Prep Routine

1st step – Empty the Room

Before you decorate a room, it needs to be emptied of furniture and

other items, which includes shelving, paintings, lamps, drapes,

rugs and so on.

2nd step – Remove small Obstacles

Painting round things like door handles and light switch plates can be a challenge. You will find that Denver painting contractors tend to remove them and keep them safe and clean until the job is finished.) Label the bags, so they don’t get mixed up.)

3rd step – Skim the Walls

Few walls are faultless, and new paint won’t hide uneven walls, holes, and cracks. Use something like Spackle to fill these in before sandpapering the surface.

4th step – Prime the wall(s) to be Painted

This will help blend the spackled sections in using a roller. (Make sure you buy the right size of a nap for the roller. Smooth walls would need a 3/8 nap, and textured walls need half an inch.)

5th step – Clean all surfaces before Painting

Sure it’s not a very exciting chore, but it has been done to avoid the new paint peeling away early.

  1. Paint To Avoid Lap Marks

If you ever see a wall where the paint has the odd stripe effect, it’s likely to be a someone painting part of a section forgetting to continue before it dries. Excellent Denver painters would recommend you avoid this problem by starting in a corner and rolling the entire height of the wall each time – without letting the paint become dry.

  1. Mix Your Paint Up

It may all be the same color, but paint is made in batches, each with a slightly different job number, and a somewhat different tone. To avoid strange results mix the paint in a large bucket before using.

There’s a reason why people train to be a professional painter, so if this all seems too much for you, it makes sense to employ the experts to do a great job the first time around.

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