4 Pro Tips for Upgrading Your Kitchen Flooring Yourself


DIY Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Considering a kitchen upgrade but not sure where to start? Many homeowners interested in remodeling their homes decided to upgrade their flooring. While many people often hire professionals to improve their floors, this type of project can be a DIY one as well. Keep reading for four tips to upgrade the floor in your kitchen.

Buy One Tile First

When retiling your kitchen floor, you’ll need to start by choosing the correct colors that will match with the rest of the palette in the room. Instead of ordering all the tiles you’ll need at once, order just one tile. Then, compare the one title against everything else in the kitchen and determine if it is the right fit or not. Buying a single flooring can often be as little as one to two dollars, saving you a great deal of money if the color or pattern clashes with what you already have.

Buy More Tiles Than You Need

When working on tiling the floor in the kitchen, it’s best always to purchase more tiles than needed. This excess of tiles will come in handy if some break during the installation process. Similarly, these extra tiles will save the day if specific measurements are off. When you have doubts, consult with a professional to know how many tiles you’ll need for your space.

Cut Tiles When They Don’t Fit

When placing tiles in the kitchen, it may seem more complicated than it is. While hiring a professional to lay the tile would likely be faster, homeowners that are willing to take the DIY route will find that they need to cut tiles at times if they don’t fit. It’s essential to have the correct tools to cut tiles most efficiently. When cutting tiles, it’s necessary to have a wet tile saw This power tool uses its water-cooled diamond blade, making it incredibly easy to make specialty cuts for tile. In addition to the wet tile saw, it may be helpful as well to have a manual tile snap cutter and tile nippers on hand.

If you don’t have these tools available, you may be able to borrow or buy as needed from a local hardware store.

Coat Tiles to Prevent Chipping

Part of laying tile is ensuring that it is adequately protected from scratches and chips. It’s necessary to coat them with an exceptional floor sealant to keep these tiles looking perfectly shiny and scratch-free for as long as possible. This sealant will create a protective layer over the tile, keeping it safe from dirt and scratches. These tools work together to score the tile, cut angles, and cut straight lines.

You don’t need to be an expert to install the tile in your home expertly. Even just knowing how to place your tiling can help with replacements and repairs needed later on. Keep these tips in mind to attempt to tackle your flooring.

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